Kugan and the Real Issues

Today, Kugan was honorably buried at the Hindu Cemetary at Kg Baru Batu 14, Puchong.  The public statements by those present were clearly made against alleged police brutality.

The opposition obviously were present but interestingly the MIC were inconspicuously missing or annonymously present.  Either way, the MIC will be between the rock and the deep blue sea.  If they were present, they can be construed as acting against the BN Government standing with the Opposition parties.  If they were not present, they will be construed as not a power concerned for the Indian community.

The Muslim NGO, Pewaris, appealed to MIC President to urge the Indian community not to get involved in any protest demonstrations during the funeral of Kugan.  Two deputy ministers were chided by Syed Hamid Albar.  Samy Vellu reiterated support to these deputy ministers for legal defense if needed.

Kugan was arrested on Jan 15 in suspicion for luxury car theft.  He died on Jan 20 while in custody at the Taipan Police Station (read here).

With all these as background, did we suddenly become ignorant of the real issues?

One, Kugan is still innocent until proven guilty.  He is a suspect in a police investigation but not guilty as he is not charged.  Syed Hamid Albar says not to “regard criminals as heroes and the police who enforce the law as demons” (read here).  Seems that Syed Hamid Albar likes to jump the gun and imply that Kugan is a criminal before he is even proven guilty.  Kugan should not be incarcerated as a criminal but neither should he be idolized as a hero.

Two, Kugan died while in police custody and the AG re-classified this as murder.   He may be a suspect but he is not suppose to die during investigation unless it’s from natural causes.  This creates great uneasiness amongst the public when suspects can be “mistreated” even to the point of death in police custody.  This is certainly very alarming.

Three, the first post mortem said that Kugan died of breathing difficulties.  Now that the matter has come to public light, there appears to be physical injuries sustained by Kugan prior to his death.  We should not jump the gun but await the results of the second autopsy to know the reasons for his death.  For all we know, Kugan could still have died of breathing difficulties since he has asthma which the police didn’t realized and when he sustained physical injuries, he might have had an asthmatic attack and died (all conjecture).

Fourth, when Pewaris appealed to the Indian community not to be involved in protest demonstration during the funeral procession, it strikes the heart of Malaysians to wonder why protesting against mistreatment to the point of death be wrong.  Conversely speaking, does it mean Pewaris feels that such mistreatment is right? A life died with misinformation deserves all of us to give this a special treatment to get proper answers.  It’s about life, not about race, not about coverup.

Fifth, this should not be leveraged as a political or racial platform.  It must be for truth and truth alone.  No one in the police or the Government can hide or coverup any crimes against the public, even though they may be suspects.  Otherwise, our country will be a laughing stock in the international scene and the electorate will have more reasons to vote against the Government.  The perception is that too much has been swept under the carpet and Government inaction is tantamount to hiding the truth.  Let truth be the reason we pursue and that the Government be transparent in such issues and be seen to take stern action against wrongful doings if such is proven.

Remember, in Malaysia, suspects are innocent until proven guilty.  We need to stand up for equality, fairness and truth.  This is the new Malaysia!


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4 Comments to “Kugan and the Real Issues”

  1. Pewaris is a racist organisation. Just look at their banners in Melaka.

  2. Perwaris stay out of indian issues…..

  3. people of malaysia, a malaysian died.Killed brutally by the police…Pewaris said going to the funeral will incite feelings of “others”…..have we came this low in our racial polarization.We as nation stood up to show our disgust of the treatment of the Palestinian by the Israel regime…but when our own is killed by our own police…..whole of malaysia should have stood up in anger…why this did not happen

  4. Who the hell the Perwaris to advise MIC & why the hell MIC should listen to Perwira?????

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