The Beginning of an End?

The inevitable has happened.  Najib made a press conference with the presence of Nasarudin Hashim, Jamaluddin Mat Radzi, Mohd Osman Jailu and Hee Yit Foong proudly declaring that BN is ready to form the next government in Perak.

(These four assembly men and woman will go down into history and be remembered as the cause of turmoil in Perak).

Earlier, Perak MB Nizar went to inform the Sultan of the dissolution of the Perak Assembly and sought his consent for fresh elections.  It appeared that the Ruler wanted to have more time to think about his decision and perhaps meet with Najib before coming to any decision.

The Perak crisis is now at boiling point.  What is going to happen next?

First, we shall soon find that not only Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman have “resigned” and disregarded from the State Assembly, the next to “resign” will be Hee and discarded from the State Assembly.

Second, if this point of resignations hold, then both PR and BN has 29 seats each and is a stalemate and the Ruler cannot grant BN the right to form the new government.

Third, we have a case of dubious Assemblymen in Perak.  One who can’t seem to make up his mind (whether he was forcibly removed from his home and brought back to Umno), two who thinks they can get their charges dropped by doing this (which implies Umno has the ability to make them clean) and another who thinks fooling around with her party makes her indispensible.  And when Umno accepts them, it makes Umno a questionable party but they won’t care!  It’s the end that justifies the means.

Fourth, almost everyone is praying and hoping that the Ruler will grant the blessing to seek the approval of the Perak electorate again instead of forming the government in questionable ways.

We shall soon see how the Perak situation will boil and if it will stop boiling or continue boiling for a while.  The political turmoil in Perak has never been seen and we are all treading on new grounds, including the Ruler.

But finally, this is what the people say!  It’s OUR SAY who should govern.  Now, let the people of Perak make their stand again clearly!


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One Comment to “The Beginning of an End?”

  1. I’m very interested in ‘bought over’ terms in Malaysian politic sphere.
    Not to tilt to any side but I love to change that term ‘bought over’ to ‘not-getting-anything’ 🙂

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