Perak Unchartered Waters

Everybody in Malaysia is talking about the Perak situation.  It has become the melting pot of discussion, rumors and commentaries for all Malaysians.  After 51 years of independence and the results of last March General Election results, you can be sure that Malaysians are more mature and attentive to politics and how it affects us all.  It has become national and personal.

Perak is the state with very learned ex-Lord President in the Sultan and a highly intellectual Regent who both have taken the moral high ground in the past and have been very articulate to speak on behalf of the monarchy and the people.  They have given hope to every Malaysians that the monarchy can come into the equation when the Executive, Parliament and Judiciary fail us.

In the past few days, many Malaysians feel very disappointed to say the least on how the affairs had turned out and it’s not over yet.  In fact, the tension and disenchantment have just begun and has spreaded across the country.

In the electronic and Internet age, every Malaysian gets to know the latest news and all sides to this situation.  There’s no stopping news from coming to us regardless how the ruling government wants to skew and disseminate their views.  But that doesn’t mean the alternate views are correct either.  Most importantly, there are alternate views that mature Malaysians can now consider and form their opinions.

Perakians and Malaysians want their voice in this matter.  Vijay suggested a referendum as a way out for the Sultan to receive feedback from the rakyat if they wanted to dissolve the parliament or let status quo remain (read here).  But that is not something the Sultan will do.  He is supposed to have the pulse of his rakyat, he is the most learned  man with regards to the law, so he does not need any of us to advice him what to do.

Did we think for a moment that the Sultan doesn’t know how the rakyat feels?  Did we think that the Sultan doesn’t care about how this pivotal and historic situation will affect his legacy?  We can be sure that the Sultan’s team is just as busy as the Pakatan Rakyat’s legal team to find the best way out of this quagmire.

Only Umno feels that the show will go on their way now that the new MB was sworn in yesterday while Nizar insists that he is still the MB.  Do we have two MBs now?  Can the Sultan demand that Nizar resign or have his seat automatically vacated?  That seems to be the major contention and Umno will pin it on the Sultan since it was the Ruler who decided not to dissolve the State Assembly, accept Najib’s “proof” of majority control of the house, demand for Nizar’s resignation and swore in the new MB.

The sequence of events disregarded the contention of the resignations of the 3 assemblymen which they denied.  It also introduced a new element in the action to demand Nizar’s resignation instead of having him resign because there was a motion of no-confidence on the PR government.  The court should be the place to decide, not the Election Commission, not Umno, not the Sultan.  This affects the rakyat’s choice of government and the farcical leap frogging of assemblymen has thrown the situation into a limbo.

What happens if a few from Umno becomes Independent?  What happens when Hee wakes up from her slumber and decides to go back to DAP?   What happens when the 2 ex-PKR assemblymen are found guilty in court for corruption?  What happens when the case is dropped?  We will not see the end of this anytime soon.  Is this how the future Najib Administration will be?

The new Umno government will not be perceived as legitimate.  The situation is very unstable with many questions unanswered.  If we are to be honest to ourselves, the best way is to revert back to the rakyat who voted or the Constitution which we all abide by and the interpretation by the court of law.

The new Umno government will not govern in peace and all actions done by this government can be challenged in court.  How can that they rule ambiguously?  Pak Lah and Najib should not celebrate too soon.  The rest of the BN leaders have remained inconspicuously quiet.  Only Tengku Razaleigh has the courage, good sense and foresight in his comments and advice to Umno.

As mature Malaysians, we appeal to good sense, unemotional reaction, rule of law guided by the Constitution while we keep our emotions in our back pocket so that our dignity and future remains firm and secure.


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