Wake Up, Malaysia!

If the BN Government can act in the same haste and fervor in the Perak “takeover” for the much needed action and support for the Malaysia economy, we the people of Malaysia will be much impressed.

For now, we are totally abhorred about the Perak situation and the total inaction of fixing our economy.  We have the BN Government on both sides of the continuum of reaction and for each end they are used wrongly.

It should have been inaction in the Perak situation to let the due process take place and to have total fervor and haste to rescue the economy.

Who is running the country?  What are the priorities of our voted government?  Who bothers about what the voters want?

We want a stable government to run a stable and growing economy.  What we are getting is just the opposite.  Their priorities are just set wrong!

Tengku Razaleigh is spot on in his comments on the Perak situation as well as our economy (read here).  He is showing great statesmanship and leadership of a renewed man.  His insights are sound and his advice is balanced.  There is a new sense of respect for this man whom Umno has written off.  He doesn’t shoot his mouth, he has respect for the Constitution, the law and the people.  He has displayed such wisdom that portrays hope to become the next PM of Malaysia.

If Malaysia can vote a leader to be PM, will it be Pak Lah, Najib, Anwar or Razaleigh?  At this time, all bets will be on Razaleigh for his round of objectivity and statesmanship.  We look forward to Umno to rally around such a leader than can bring hope based on the law and the Constitution.  He has remained as the people’s leader all this while and that is probably why he was rejected by Umno’s leadership.

Wake up, Malaysia!  We need leaders like Razaleigh.  Let the rest of the elected leadership take note.  Malaysia is a country for the people, not the leaders!


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2 Comments to “Wake Up, Malaysia!”

  1. It was said by many that the hopping game was started by Anwar. I think it’s totally fallacious. The hopping game was actually started by the BN immediately after the 2008 electoral tsunami. Toyo was trying his best to topple the Selangor government by enticing some PAS members, led by Hassan Ali. This was confirmed by Abdullah Badawi himself. So Anwar, in order to protect the fledging coalition from the BN wolves, decided to initiate the crossovers game to confuse the BN.

    In Perak, it took a glacial 2 weeks for the sultan to recognize the Pakatan government. In the meantime, the BN was given time to feverishly try to buy some Pakatan MPs but was unsuccessful. Then the Sultan refused to appoint the MB from the DAP and instead chose the one from PAS hoping that the Pakatan coalition would collapse due to different ideologies between DAP and PAS. Fortunately, DAP swallowed their pride and was able to accept and work with Nizar. At that time I had the sneaking suspicion that the Sultan was trying to sabotage the Pakatan state government from forming. Recent event strengthens my suspicions.

    The present Perak imbroglio is caused by the Sultan himself. Nobody questions his right to accept or reject the dissolution of the state assembly. But I think he make a terrible mistake: instead of stopping at this point he went beyond his powers and issue a diktat to bundle off and humiliate Nizar. The democratic process should have proceeded from the stage of rejection but the Sultan short-circuit it by swearing in the replacement MB from UMNO at lightning speed even before the democratic process could begin. Thus the constitutional crisis of the two Mentri Besars.

    Another thing: would any insane employer hire a person with dubious reputation into his organisation? This is exactly what the respected Sultan of Perak has done with his famous interview with the three unsavoury characters.

    Out of this episode I can conclude:

    1) The greatest loser is the Sultan himself. He was one of the most enlightened and respected sultans in the country. With this incident, straight thinking and good judgement seem to have mysteriously abandoned him and he could have short-circuited himself from being the sharpest legal mind and well-beloved sultan and landed himself into the rogues’ gallery.

    2) Would the Perak Watergate be the Waterloo for Najib?

    3) Would Anwar Ibrahim have the last laugh?

    Let’s wait and watch.

  2. I used to respect if not adored the constitutional monarchy system in our country. Lately though, I dont see the need for it anymore.

    Many countries are in fact had and are moving away from it. Latest addition was Nepal. Must be something good about it. Emm… Republic of Malaysia (“ROM”) seems not a bad idea..

    France was once a kingdom, now a florished and ultra modern state… The people fight for their rights and paid the price but for the future of the country and their next generations they fought. it was worth a fight, dont you think so?

    Can ROM be a reality one day? I dont know..

    Power to the People!

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