First Perak, Now Kedah? Who is rescuing the economy?

After the despicable and questionable overthrow of the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak and even before the issues are resolved there, we now read of V. Arumugam of PKR (Kedah) being harassed, threatened and blackmailed to leave the PKR.  He had earlier complained about threats to his life, his family and aides including an attempted kidnap attempt.  Now he is facing accusations of adultery.

This piece of news was first reported on 3 Feb 2009 (read here) but was lost in the commotion of the 2 PKR assemblymen having “resigned” and then the eventual BN takeover of the Perak government in a questionable manner.

Today, Arumugam quits his exco position and leaves his assembly seat in the hands of Anwar.  If Anwar decides to take his resignation, there will be a by-election in 60 days.

Another stirring news is about more PR assemblymen are rumored to be defecting.  TheMalaysiaToday reported (here):

The four names being cited in various text message exchanges are Keshvinder Singh (DAP) from Malim Nawar, A. Siva Subramanium (DAP) from Buntong and S. Kesavan (PKR) from Hutan Melintang and Tai Sing Ng (PKR) from Kuala Sepetang.

While it cannot be confirmed at this point if those named in the text messages are indeed going to defect, well informed sources in UMNO have confirmed that discussions are ongoing with five more PR lawmakers and that “there is a good chance” that three of the five will cross over in the next 2 months.

These are serious and unwarranted rumors and if true are also despicable of these representatives.  We do not need more of these trouble but we need the BN Government to spend its time and energy on the economy instead of working to destabilize the Pakatan Rakyat governments in Perak and Kedah.  What will they say if there are Umno reps quitting instead?  Or if Negri Sembilan becomes a Perak case the other way round?

Unless these are done legally and constitutionally, we must not be distracted from the urgent and immediate attention to the economic recovery actions.  Malaysia has been particularly inactive in this area and insists that things are not so bad.  In reality, things are already very bad at the ground level and by the time those in the ivory tower realizes it, Malaysia will be in deep kimchi.

The BN actions in Perak has cause Malaysians to harbor serious regrets of Umno and Najib.  If it happens to Kedah or another state, it will be even worse.  Regardless of the celebration and the justification how right they are, it remains questionable.

Amidst these despicable actions, our economy cannot be revived by no action, talk only.  This NATO cannot help but will make things worse and soon Malaysians will not only feel regret of the BN Government because of Perak but because of the lack of concern and urgency on the economic situation.

We all hope that this won’t happen but unfortunately, it’s already happening and will overwhelm us in the near future if nothing is done to stem the tide.  Jobs are lost, business opportunities are shrinking, consumer spending power is restrictive.

The Government must seriously consider a moratorium of NO INCOME TAX for a year instead of figuring how to distribute the RM 7b to the “right” people.  We are the right people and it’s our money.

This must be treated with the same urgency as BN had when they took over the Perak Government.  Unless such urgency is only intended for selfish reasons, the people of Malaysia needs this badly.


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One Comment to “First Perak, Now Kedah? Who is rescuing the economy?”

  1. Aw Nuts! Sink lah! Sink Lah! You think UMNO would care. Power is more important

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