Malaysia ranked low and pathetic for Budget openness

Today, Badawi told us Malaysians that he was unhappy that only 70% of the RM7 billion stimulus budget was disbursed (read here).  He feels that it is just too slow.

However, what is more interesting is the fact that nobody in the public of Malaysia knows where the RM4.9 billion went.  We heard the announcement of the RM7 billion stimulus plan and now we hear that 70% has already been disbursed.  We have not seen a change nor any impact of any kind to the Malaysian economy.

This specific oversight of details made public pertaining to such disbursement and other budget items is shocking.  The Government thinks that it is “acceptable” to keep the Malaysian public in total oblivion of where our money is disbursed.

The lack of openness by the Government is actually ranked in a worldwide study by Open Budget Index 2008 Rankings (read here).  In case you missed it, here is the index chart.

Given our relative rankings being at the lower end of the scale, Malaysia is ranked amongst unfamiliar peers like Khazakstan, Lebanon and Niger, it is rather embarassing to catch us at such an evaluation of our Budget Openness.

It is now quite clear why we will not know what is happening to the 2009 Budget and also the RM7 billion stimulus plan as well as the impending March 10 announcement by Najib for another stimulus plan.  It must be because our Government has something to hide or they can’t account for it or they think that Malaysians have no right to know how our money is spent.

At this time, most Malaysians believe that our Government has done very little.  We can only hope and pray that we will know these things in due time to believe that our Government is doing all they can.  But most of all, we also want to know how and where all the stimulus and budget money has gone.  It’s about time that our Government shows more transparency especially with regards to the 2009 Budget and the RM7 billion plan.


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  1. 7 billion…. where is it.

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