Growing Unemployment – Scary!

Today’s article (read here) by The Malaysian Insider gives us a grim and terrifying view of the year 2009, especially the second half.  It reports Datuk Noraini Ahmad, the deputy human resources minister, telling Parliament that 100,000 will have lost or will be losing their jobs by the end of the year.

However, she was not forthcoming and honest about the entire situation and attempted yet to paint an overly optimistic picture.  Never mind the projections done by others regarding potential unemployment nor the possibility of an exodus from Singapore back to Malaysia due to a downturn of that economy.  Most people feel that the impending situation is more depressing than this.

The thing that begs an answer is not what is happening and will happen soon to the growing unemployment numbers because we all know even though our Government remains in denial.  We must know what the Government is planning to do with them.  Registering them is but the first step.  So quoting numbers only is rather a meaningless chatter by Noraini.

Will Malaysia be in a position to offer unemployment assistance to those who have been impacted for at least a few months?  The “dole” as they call it in US, has helped many cross tumultous times and similar programs are done in many western countries like Australia, UK, etc.  But can Malaysia do the same in a better way and yet check the abuse?

The fear is not that such a practice will turn Malaysia into a welfare state but that a large portion of the money will not get to the right hands and is siphoned to other purposes.

Next, the fear is about people not wanting to work and want to parasite on the Government.

This plan must be balanced by an urgent action to re-train and find jobs for these registered people and quickly put them back into the productive circulation.

Can this be done urgently, carefully, without bias as well as without abuse?

Malaysia talks ideas well but it’s those ideas that are executed well that will matter most.

The growing numbers in unemployment – it is very scary indeed!  Who will be next?

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