A Total Disaster in Perak – Reflective of Future Malaysia?

Each day we read of the political tussle in Perak with more disdain and disbelief.  The silver state has been plunged into a constitutional crisis that may be reflective of the possibility of future Malaysia.  What is happening in Perak, if not checked and constitutionally restored with full democracy, will show what the federal Parliament can eventually become.

Tengku Razaleigh a.k.a. Kuli has become the lone Umno voice that reflects the sentiments of all Malaysians.  His views depart from the Umno stance in stark contrast to the current Umno leaders.  His belief that the Perak crisis must be stopped is not shared by Umno.  His urge to respect the law and constitution and return to the people to obtain a fresh mandate did not go well with Umno (read here).

We now have moved from a frog jumping power takeover by BN to the use of Police and the court to interfere with the state parliament.  The separation of Judiciary, Executive and Legislative has been replaced by the power of the Police and lightning speed court injunction against the Speaker.  The state secretarial clerk now wields more power than the Speaker himself.  The Police listens to the clerk and act against the Speaker.

The misguided interpretation of the Perak Constitution leading to a sitting under the tree with an FRU blockage of the state secretariat building preventing the MPs from entering all shows the circus is in town.

In the haste of obtaining an injunction against the Speaker, BN forgot to check if Ridwan‘s tenure was still valid.  The judicial commissioner’s 2-year term ended last Saturday, 28 February 2009.  This will make any of his declarations and granting of injunction to the BN yesterday (3 March 2009) null and void (read here).  Some believe that he has acted in contempt of the Parliament (read here).

Manouvers and out-flanking political opponents in Perak is now the mainstay that put the rich state into standstill and a laughing stock.  The MACC is believed to be investigating the Perak Speaker.  They are busy interrogating the Speaker’s private lawyer now (read here).  We only hear the MACC working on BN opponents only which, if not changed, will make the MACC lose its independence.

Umno takes to the court to interfere with the Perak State Assembly yesterday.  Today, Umno does not allow themselves to be interfered by the court (read here).  So is Umno greater than the Parliament?

There is overwhelming global support that the Perak crisis must revert to the people to give a fresh and clear mandate to who should lead the state.  It appears that only the Sultan of Perak can give his approval to this which may seem unlikely at this time.  How long must Perak suffer before the Sultan breaks the impasse?

PR wants to dissolve the Parliament to prove if they still have the mandate from the people.  BN does not want to dissolve the Parliament because they do not feel that it is their need to do so.  Many believe that if BN goes for state election, they will lose big time.  This view is also shared by many BN members.

Regardless of what the BN or PR think, the people believes that they are the rightful decision makers to who represents them in Parliament.  If the court or Police continues to interfere with the state parliament, if they continue to block the Speaker and MPs from discharging their duties constitutionally, we fear a much bigger ramification at the national level.

Is this a foretaste of future Malaysia?  Malaysians hope not.  The people decides, return to the people now.

Perak for Perakians, Perak is part of Malaysia, Malaysia is for Malaysians. 

Let the people decide!

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