Maxis 3G iPhone Plan – Second Thoughts!

After a more queries into the new Maxis 3G iPhone plan as well as looking at various AP set prices, I have come to the following conclusions:

a)  get 8G model at RM2,300 – RM2,550 unlocked and do what you want with your data plan

b)  get 8G model on the 12-month RM250 commit plan

c)  get someone to pay for you

If you need the bigger brother 16GB, it’s going for RM2,600 – RM2,950 now.

Another thing, there is a penalty for early termination in the Maxis plan but they never tell you until you finally sign on the registration form.  I had a hard time getting the answer at the Maxis Center at KLCC.  It seems that the staff there were quite stumped with that question.  However, finally, the truth came out.

If you sign up a 12-month or 24-month plan, you must pay an Advance Payment.  This amount varies depending on the plan.  Suffice to note that the price of the 8GB 3G iPhone plus the Advance Payment will amount approximately RM2,000.  This is probably the cost to Maxis that should be the minimum threshold that Maxis cannot take any less from a customer.

In the event of an early termination, the form you sign on contains a statement of penalty with a formula works to something like:

((RRP of iPhone – plan price of iPhone)  * (plan period – months left in plan)/plan period) + RM100 Admin Fee


iValue3 – 12 month and early termination after 6 months

((RM2540 – RM1,490) * (12 – 6)/12) + 100 = RM625

If you are having a RM250 commitment today, making the same commitment for the 3G iPhone should not be a problem.  However, make sure you are aware that your principal free hours to your supplementary lines will disappear if you switch to this plan from the Family Plan.

Basically, you are expected to pay the termination fee plus an Admin Fee and you will be let off the hook.

If you are OK with the commitment, go for the 12-month plan.  Otherwise, if the Apple iPhone is so enticing, run along to Low Yat, Digital Mall, etc. to hunt down your unit.

Now, the price of AP sets are coming down.  It’s between RM2,300 to RM2,550 for the 8GB model.  The unlocking can be privately done or telco done.

I here there are not many units floating around, so hurry up!

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3 Comments to “Maxis 3G iPhone Plan – Second Thoughts!”

  1. nonsense ridiculous plan.. if other operator like digi/celcom can get iphone sure it will be cheaper..

  2. Hi,
    I have come across a Maxis FAQ:

    Inside it stated “an early termination fee will be imposed. Customers will still need to pay for the remaining months of their contract period. Other contract terms and conditions apply.”

    Meaning that we need to pay for the formulated termination fees + remaining months commitment? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • Maxis, like Digi, is imposing an early termination fee.

      For Digi, it is a straight forward RM400 flat fee.

      For Maxis, it is a formula.

      Guess there isn’t a free lunch from our service providers.

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