Perak will show if Najib is the People’s PM

Observing all the political and legal rigmaroles for a while now, we can safely say that the situation has become absolutely absurd and convoluted.

Perak went from a rich state to a fool’s circus in the past few months.  We now have this ridiculous history etched into our minds, something to tell our grandchildren one fine day.

As more and more people voice up for a fresh election so that Perakians can show their decision as to who they want govern the silver state, we fail to see a possible solution to the deadlock unless something unthinkable is to happen first.

We have the Head of Senate, Tan Sri Dr Abdul Hamid Pawanteh (read here), opined that going back to the people to decide is the best thing to resolve this stalemate.  We also had leaders from Gerakan, Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan (read here) and Dr Hsu Dar Ren (read here),  Umno MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (read here) and MCA Deputy President Chua Soi Lek (read here) all sharing the same views.  Of course, these are notable individuals amidst a sea of outcry from the rest of Malaysia (and Perakians).

On the other hand, we have people like Kubu Gajah assemblyman Datuk Seri Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar who feels that BN has the upper hand and the struggle is legitimate and rightful (read here) and that Teng is wrong to voice his dissent (read here).

On Wednesday, we read about Najib suggesting to work things out with Pakatan Rakyat on the Perak crisis (read here).  On Thursday, Pakatan Rakyat leaders came out in support of Najib’s suggestion but awaits on Najib to make that move (read here).  We also read at least 3 times that Najib says that the decision to dissolve the Perak Parliament remains with the Sultan (read here).

Finally, there remains two options.

The Sultan of Perak cannot give consent to dissolve the Perak Parliament unless the rightful MB makes representation to him.

There is no clear rightful MB in practice today since Nizar who was proclaimed the rightful MB on Monday had that pronouncement “stayed” by the Court of Appeal on Tuesday by Zambry.  Although the Court of Appeal granted Zambry a stay on the Monday decision, it did not overrule the view of the High Court.  A stay is merely a wait of execution of that decision for the Court of Appeal to sit.  Lim Guan Eng made his observation here which warrants consideration.

Evidently, Nizar is still the rightful MB but can’t execute that right until the Court of Appeal convenes a decision to uphold the High Court ruling.  That also means Zambry is not the rightful MB but that High Court ruling is suspended until the Court of Appeal rules later.

Simplistically, Zambry declares that he is the rightful MB until further notice and that view is flawed.  Ambiguity to hold office is best NOT to pretend that the High Court didn’t rule against him because when laterthe Court of Appeal upholds the High Court ruling, it will make Zambry the laughing stock and everything he decided can be reversed as well as monies taken must be repaid.  Why suffer further humiliation?  He should wait for clarity or make things clear.

How?  If Zambry can get a stay within hours of filing the appeal, he should be able to wield his “magic” to get a quorum of at least 3 judges to hear out the appeal within hours too.  Now that Nizar is getting his hearing to set aside the stay on Monday, this whole episode is truly a farce of legal wranglings seeking legitimacy.

Unless, Najib agrees to requesting the Sultan of Perak to dissolve the Perak Assembly, there is really nothing that can be done in the meeting with the Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

These are 2 possible ways out of this quagmire.

One, to push on for the Court of Appeal to sit and make the decision to uphold the High Court ruling or be against it.  Then to wait for the Federal Court to complete the course.  That can take a few hours (as what Zambry has shown the BN can do) or a few years (as what is Malaysian justice time) during which time, Perak can go fly kite.

Two, for Najib to ask Zambry to withdraw the appeal and allow the High Court decision to succeed, thereby, making Nizar the rightful MB.  He proceeds to represent the collective wishes of BN and Pakatan Rakyat to the Sultan and request his consent to dissolve the Perak Assembly which he cannot unreasonably withhold.

Will BN eat humble pie?  Can there be a way for BN to “save face” besides Zambry stepping aside?  After all the grabbing and public declaration that they are the ones with the majority and justifying what they did is all legitimate and needful, how can Zambry and gang take to such a decision?  Even if that decision is believed by their opposition to be the wish of the people?

Tun M said today that if BN goes to the polls again that they will lose to Pakatan Rakyat and that the outcome is a foregone conclusion (read here).

So how will BN move?  PR is playing it cool for Najib to make the move.

If Najib agrees to let Zambry step aside, PR can claim victory.  If Najib refuses to agree for Zambry to stand down, PR can declare that Najib is not sincere about resolving the Perak crisis and does not listen to the people and is not the “People’s PM”.  Both ways, Najib loses.  Only, which one Najib appears to lose less.

This will be a tough decision for Najib to make since it was him as Perak BN Head to pull off the coup to show that he’s got what it takes to replace Badawi.  Now, to make a decision to stand down is going to be extremely tough.

Between the lines that Najib gave, it is unlikely that Najib intends to remotely sway towards letting Pakatan Rakyat have their day at the polls.  Najib will attempt to steer the PR towards collaborating within a BN-led Perak Government rather than to allow BN to play opposition again.  If that be the case, the deadlock will persist all the way to possibly the Federal Court and Perak will be hard to resuscitate.

However, Najib doesn’t want the crisis to persist as it is believed to inflame the anger of Perakians (and Malaysians as a whole) against him.  He has declared that he wants to be the people’s Prime Minister and he MUST be seen behaving consistent to that declaration.

How Najib resolves the Perak crisis will reflect if he is all talk or he is a man of true substance.  It is a situation of playing to the Umno gallery or the Malaysian gallery.  Right now, the ball is in his court.  PR has already made their position well known.  BN is still adamant to ignore the people’s sentiments.

And time is of the essence to rectify the Perak situation.  The time is NOW!

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