Reversal of using English to teach Maths and Science by 2012

Today, we read of the Government’s decision to “end the policy of teaching mathematics and science in English or PPSMI in both primary and secondary schools effective from 2012” (read here).

Muhyiddin Yassin, the Education Minister, says it was a fair decision that was carefully made after analysing the implemention for six years.

Muhyiddin had admitted in Parliament last month that students had not shown significant improvement in the two subjects over the past six years.

Interestingly, he and MOE officers had supposedly “briefed” Tun M on this decision probably to avert a backlash from the person who pushed for the teaching of Maths and Science in English six years ago (read here) and said that Tun M accepted this policy change.

Virtually immediately, Tun M came back saying he expressing “disappointment with the government’s decision to scrap his policy of teaching mathematics and science in English, saying it will affect future generations” (read here).  He claims his recommendations was not taken into consideration after giving them to Muhyiddin during their meeting.

Certainly, Tun M is now a “not so ordinary” citizen being an ex-PM.  Muhyiddin Yassin and the present Government had no need to “brief” him nor listen to him.  But they did so in order to avert his verbose and bold commentary against the reversal of the policy, something which Tun M will not hesitate to do if he felt he must.  We have not heard the last from Tun M on this for sure and he will make himself heard one way or another.

It is sad that after a 6 year implementation is to move to a reversal in 2 years time with the reason that there was no marked improvement.  Shouldn’t the Government consider all the cost of change to revert as well as the impact it has to the future generations unless the teaching of Maths and Science in English was disastrous and brought about a worse result.  Which wasn’t the case!

Will we ever know the details of what the Government had to base their decisions?  Will there be a reversal in another 6 years time when people raise a ruckus and show that teaching Maths and Science in Malay brought about a lower standard?  Or is the standard already lower because the passing marks have been lowered due to the teaching in English which means that there was a marked degradation?

Will teaching Maths and Science in Malay bring about a significant improvement in these two subjects?

Well, the children will suffer for sure and MOE can’t be depended on a proper education for our children.  If and when they take international exams or go to an international standard university, they will certainly face great challenges unless parents took charge of their education with more complementary reinforcements.  That will mean spending more to get what should have been done by our tax dollars.  Talk about shrinking the family budgets.

When 2012 comes, the book publishers authorized by MOE will rake in tons of money in the supplying new books.  Then the accompanying revisions texts and practically all related books will need overhauling.  Is this the Government’s way of creating economic activity?

Most parents are in awe and disbelief with this announcement and feel that our Government is playing around with their children’s future.  The Government has no foresight in improving the levels of Maths and Science but keep beating the language drum.  They missed the point.

Merdeka Center also missed asking this question.  Do you want to see the level of Maths and Science improved? And the answer is a reverberating YES!  It’s not a debate of teaching in either English or Malay.

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  1. I wrote a long article about this English issue. Too long to reproduced here. Anyone is welcome to click on the link below:


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