Questions Unanswered – Remains Unanswered

The death of Teoh Beng Hock at MACC Shah Alam office remains a mystery before the inquest begins today and now adjourned to 5 August (the inquest was adjourned today).  So many questions, so few answers, and more questions arise each day.  Will we get any answers to the untimely death of Teoh or will this chapter be closed with little public accountability?

There are many blogs that have the public scrutinizing this very high profile public incident.  Lots of budding amateur CSIs analyzing from pictures taken at the crime scene (Rights2Write – read here).  Lim Kit Siang provided a precursor to the inquest on his interview today (read here).  Another curious article by Raja Petra (read here) strokes more questions to be answered (compare the two pictures in that article).

The following crime scene picture is graphic and may be offensive to some viewers.  Viewer discretion is adviced.  Continue only if you know what you are doing.

Taken from Rights2Write Blog

Taken from Rights2Write Blog

Here are some very pertinent questions and speculations that warrant answers which somehow points to the fact that Teoh did not die from a fall but was made to appear as a suicide until the public outcry condemned that view.  The crime scene is now possibly a secondary crime scene.

  1. No blood splatter indicates not the primary crime scene if he supposedly fell from the 14th floor; crime scene is too clean, almost like a set up, or thrown out after rigor mortis set in (at least 3 hours after death).
  2. Nobody heard the loud impact that will be generated from a fall of such a height implies no witnesses found or there was no such fall
  3. Victim’s posture is virtually impossible to be caused by a fall;
  • lying on the side is inconsistent to result from a fall
  • clenched fist and closed
  • bent waist at almost 90 degrees seems to imply a seated position at time of death
  • legs straight seems to imply not only seated but possibly leaning forward and possibly over a table
  • if this be true will imply Teoh died suddenly while leaning over a table and caught everybody by surprise.  Nobody knew what to do for at least 3 hours for rigor mortis to set in and when attempted to either throw him off the building or carried downstairs, his crooked body will be extremely difficult to move.

If the above is true, where is the primary crime scene then?  14th floor?

More questions which remains troubling and to stir your curiosity.

  1. The police classifies this as sudden death; sophisticated way of saying “your guess is as good as mine but we both know he died suddenly“.
  2. MACC claims Teoh was “released” at 3:45 am but we now know Teoh did not leave the building as the CCTV does not show, Teoh’s handphone remained in MACC’s possession with no official receipt for safekeeping as evidence.
  3. MACC claims that Teoh was not a suspect nor being investigated but assisting yet the interrogation went from 5:00 pm to beyond the rules of engagement into the wee hours of the morning of 3:45 am.
  4. The whereabouts of Teoh remains unclear or unknown to the public from 3:45 am until the discovery of his body at 1:30 pm although certain quarters claimed that Teoh was found sleeping until 6:00 am.  That is a lot of unaccounted time for an individual still in the custody of MACC as far as was reported.

CSI: Malaysia opening episode has just started.  Let’s see what the formal inquest unveils.  The Royal Commission at this time will not provide answers but more questions.  Will we see justice in action or merely perceived?  Will the truth be revealed?  Is the investigation really complete?  Is there a conspiracy theory?  More to fuel the teh tarik chats.

The CSI episodes continue in Malaysia.  Who did it?  And why?  For sure, this is no suicide.  The public awaits . . .

May TBH rest in peace!


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2 Comments to “Questions Unanswered – Remains Unanswered”

  1. The posture where his body was found appeared to be very neatly placed. Not like those horrifying scenes that i have seen before on suicide scene, a person jumping from tall buliding. It really messy bloody bizzare and something that one would not like to see. Sometime ppl still go and see out of curiousity.
    Latest news, a DNA of unkown person was found on the blazer, this could be another ploy to cover up the issue and the truth. Simple as that, just couldnt trace the unkown person DNA then there will remain a mistry and case NFA.

  2. Another Q…..
    Quite difficult or impossible to jump out and away from the building to land near the parapet 10-15 feet away without breaking the TOP HUNG WINDOW as he has to literally kick to project himself away from the building. I rest my observations!

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