H1N1 – Why is Malaysia having the worst fatality rate?

Worldwide H1N1 statistics as at August 15 (read here).

205,785 infections

1,569 deaths

157 countries

The worldwide fatality rate is 0.76%.

Malaysia has 2,253 infections with 59 deaths as of this morning (read here and here).  Our fatality rate is 2.6%.

The numbers are as accurate as that can be found on the internet at this time.  Regardless of the rate of error, the results are scary.  Malaysia is almost 3.4 times the worldwide average rate of fatalities from H1N1.

Is it that our numbers of infected H1N1 patients are not accurately reported?  Are the deaths mis-reported and is not related to H1N1.  For now, the stats is all we have and we must trust it.

This is not something to prove Malaysia Boleh!  Malaysians must be protected and promptly treated to be safe and well.

It is scary when teachers, students, kids, dads, moms, grandpas, grandmas are all dying around us.  What is MOH doing to prevent a national disaster?

Having news bulletins, posters, awareness programs, educational instructions, websites all talking about H1N1 is just not enough.

What is the MOH doing at the hospital and clinic level?  The medical treatments, the diagnosis accuracy, the reporting, the quarantine, the hospitals, the vaccines, the whole 9 yards of proper handling that the government can do appears to be falling apart.

The private sectors are doing theirs, scanning temperature and providing hand cleansers and other awareness measures.

But at the front end of the pandemic, we have a serious challenge.  The public is kept in the dark why there is not enough vaccine, why people are turned away from hospitals and not verified on the H1N1 infection but just sent home, why are people told to come back only when it is life threatening, etc.  Why? Why? Why?

That’s the part the MOH must do and do well.  The statistics is but an indicator of how bad the situation is and how good the MOH is faring.  Right now, it sucks!  And it’s scary.

Our reports on infection is skyrocketing but the death rate is climbing faster than ever, faster than other countries.  It shows that we may not know what we are doing.

MOH!  Do what you must.  There is no time to lose!  Malaysia must not lose another life to H1N1.  No political talk please, Mr Minister!  Just make it right for all Malaysians NOW!


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2 Comments to “H1N1 – Why is Malaysia having the worst fatality rate?”

  1. The funny thing is that Singapore also has a high rate, with 9 deaths to my memory. They boast the best medical facilities and so forth. Strange, isn’t it? Joel

    • The ratio can be easily computed and you can safely note that the Singapore ratio is very low or consistent with worldwide average. Perhaps Malaysia can learn how Singapore keeps the death rate low.

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