Minister with an attitude!

This video clip below shows an unbelievable attitude demonstrated by a Minister of the Malaysian Government.  When I saw this, albeit in an edited footage, it saddens me to think that he is a representative of the Rakyat and the Cabinet of our dear PM, Najib.  In fact, I was very taken aback by such a show of attitude to the media.

Well, as in all Internet postings, you must verify the veracity of what you read.  Just watch the clip and come to your own conclusions.

When you realize that he is the Minister for Information, Communications and Culture, it makes you wonder how he will fare in this job.  He has shown very little culture in his communication to the media from this video clip.  I certainly hope that this was his “off day” and not his standard approach.  He, for one, must know that this episode will be captured and published in the public and so he should have treaded with care and dignity.

Perhaps, he needs to attend Handling The Media 101 as he must have missed the class.  What gall he has to sneer at the press making snide remarks about “where where you educated” and “cakap orang putih” when a reporter asked him a question in English.

Is this a matter of right or wrong?  I suppose not.  He is, after all, the Minister and we are nobody.  He has the right to speak down at us.  Serve us right for voting him!

As for the rest of us, let us learn ourselves and also teach our children NOT to behave like this.  Our dear Minister has left us a very good visual lesson of what to NOT DO! Perhaps that’s what he wanted to teach us.

Thank you YAB Minister.


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One Comment to “Minister with an attitude!”

  1. From most of the clips, it clearly shows he doesn’t know the first rule of being a Minister of Information. He doesn’t respect the reporters and potray himself as an unapproachable and defensive minister. Probably coz he lacks the skill or know-how for this job.
    If he wories about being criticised in the blogs or any other media, he should know how to rein in his tongue and start treating the press or the people of Malaysia with respect.
    If there is an Effective Communications with Media for dummies, please reserve one for him.

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