Pematang Pasir – Reality Test Tuesday


Result for Permatang Pasir by election

Pas current majority – 4,557 (65.5%)

Mohd Salleh Man (PAS) : 9,618

Rohaizat Othman (BN) : 5,067

Majority : 4,551

Turnout : 73.1% (14,832)

Spoiled votes: 44

Original Posting:

In the last general election, Mohd Hamdan secured 11,004 votes to defeat Barisan’s Ahmad Sahar Shuib by a 5,433-vote majority (66.39%).

The Permatang Pasir constituency has 20,290 voters, including one postal voter, comprising Malay (72.36%), Chinese (25.85%), Indian (1.63%) and others (0.16%).

Come Tuesday, we shall see the face off between Rohaizat (Umno) vs Salleh (PAS) and the reality test if Manek Urai’s momentum for the BN will repeat itself.

Much has been said about the character attack against Rohaizat which is not needed to be repeated here.  Tun M feels that BN has picked the wrong candidate.  Muhyiddin bites his tongue and goes for his guns in support for Rohaizat.  Surely, Lim Kit Siang’s call to BN to withdraw Rohaizat will fall on deaf ears.  The candidate is picked.  Rightly or wrongly, BN will have to go all out to defend this candidate.  After all, it is not about the candidate but the party, so they think.

However, the expected battles of campaigning by BN component parties and Umno top leaders were not panning out in Pematang Pasir.  Gauging from the lacklustre ceramahs where the crowds are surprisingly low for Umno, speculation is rife that this seat will be won by PAS as a foregone conclusion.

Is BN going to lose another by-election yet again?  Is the seat won by PAS a given since the battle was not quite so well engaged by Umno?  Will BN be subjected to purported sabotage yet again?

We can be sure that BN will not give up without a fight but after having lost Manek Urai by such a slim margin, BN must think they have more than a fighting chance to ride the tide of change back to BN, or so BN thinks.

Tuesday is when reality will check in.  Those of us who are not from Pematang Pasir will watch closely with much interest.

Tuesday is reality day for BN and Pakatan Rakyat, for Umno and for PAS, if what they feel is their win or loss is justified by their own strategies, plans and reasonings.

Can the Rakyat accept Rohaizat and vote in Umno regardless of his questionable moral character or will the Rakyat turn once again to PAS in Salleh hoping to find another Hamdan whom they dearly respect.  The late Hamdan will be sadly missed in Pematang Pasir.

Again, the Rakyat decides.  Let no political party thinks they own the Rakyat.  It is the Rakyat that puts the party and candidate into power.  Tuesday will be another of such days.

The Rakyat will speak once again . . . . at the polls!


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