Ong-Chua Will Implode MCA

Many Malaysians couldn’t care less about the MCA internal fight between the President Ong Tee Keat and his now ex-Deputy President Chua Soi Lek. After much “careful” deliberation, Ong announced the sack of Chua and that rocked the Malaysian political scene.

This pivotal move made the PM and the rest of BN masters speechless and shocked.  Why such a sudden move?  Why now?  Why at all?  At least, most of everybody thought that the Chua sex DVD scandal was behind us all but no, the witch hunt has just completed.

The shame that Chua brought to the MCA was too much and must be dealt with, so thinks the Ong-team.  More thinks that the power base of Chua is too much and must be dealt with.  They were starting to agitate the MCA pool with Tiong alleging Ong’s “graft”.  So to tackle the root of the “problem”, the root must be pulled out.  Chua must be “sacrificed”.

So, in a very calculated move, knowing that Najib and Umno and the rest of BN will not interfere, the axe came down, sudden and hard.  MCA must have been thinking that given a week or more, this will just blow over.  After all, this is politics and politicians come and go.  Malaysians will forget soon enough.

Although most people may not give a second thought to this episode, they feel that this can be the major milestone to turning MCA around.  And by turning around, it is turning MCA inside out.  There is a possible implosion around the corner.

Chua’s supporters are not letting up.  In fact, the sacking just brought the agenda up earlier.  So if Chua damaged the MCA’s image, so did Ong with the Tiong accusations of him taking RM10m for the party which is unaccounted for.  Is the shame that Chua brought worse than Ong’s current alleged acceptance of “monetary donation” from Tiong which the party has denied any knowledge of?  Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Ong is being portrayed as the hero who dared to open the can of worms in the PKFZ scandal.  But is he really the hero or one who had no choice but to walk the narrow line pushed by Lim Kit Siang and other opposition leaders.  Otherwise, Ong is one MCA President who has done next to nothing for the party, so many thinks!

Now, as the news goes, helped by 2 ex-Presidents of MCA, there can be an EGM held to oust Ong with a vote of no confidence.  At the same time, Ong’s supporters want to hold an EGM to show support for Ong.  The EGM will be most interesting and Ong has all to lose this time.

But really, who cares.  From the last General Election, it has been clearly shown by the voters that the MCA is irrelevant.  Since that time, MCA has been seen as still irrelevant in the BN.  From the results of all the Peninsular by-elections, MCA has been clearly snubbed and not dependable to draw the non-Malay votes.  MCA is history living in the present with no future in sight.  There is little interest in the Chinese community for a Chinese representative party that has all bark and no bite.  It does appear that the Chinese community is more attuned to the Malaysian dream of non-racial politics, one where all Malaysians are treated with fairness.  MCA is truly history.

So who cares?  Maybe it’s goodbye Ong, hello Chua but that’s still an old song.  Nothing has changed in MCA and the irrelevance remains.  But MCA will still try to sing the same song, whoever the leader be, even Liow.

Well, ho hum!  Another posting for another day.  My Cardiac Agony!


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