Smoke Screen ala Malaysian Style?

So many uncanny things have happened that can’t be explained with people attempting to incite fear amongst the rakyat to seemingly illogical positions of ministers and public institutions.

A very insightful posting by Haris Ibrahim (read here) posits a very real and present danger looming in the background.  The question is, who is the mastermind and who is positioned to rise above the ashes?  Is it Najib?  Or Muhyiddin?  Or is there a hidden hand behind it all?  Sounds like a conspiracy theory but Haris sounds very sane and reasonable.

After all, the economy remains on a downward trend.  Most businesses have been impacted to a fairly severe degree.  The government and Bank Negara both have selectively painted a picture that Malaysia is all well and can overcome the financial challenges and Malaysia is stronger now than in the 97 crisis.  Nobody dares to come clean to bare the facts that Malaysia is now in recession but will play with % to paint a very different picture.

Well, we the common rakyat, knows that our Ringgit has shrunk in value.  Thanks to our ex-PM raising petrol prices that caused consumer goods to soar and thus causing an inexcusable inflation that will never come down again.

The recent announcement that RON 95 petrol (replacing RON 95) is now RM1.80 and RON 97 petrol is RM2.05.

“About 90% of motorists using RON97 (which has been upgraded to a premium product and sold at a higher price of RM2.05 per lire) can now switch to RON95,” said Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumer Affairs Ministry secretary-general Datuk Zain Mohd Dom. (read here)

Without saying it, Malaysia has just experienced a petrol hike with a tall tale spin by Zain.  Those of us who have been paying RM1.80 for RON 97 petrol suddenly is expected to shell out RM2.05 and that is not a price hike!  Baloney!

It’s like saying nasi lemak sotong that used to be RM3.00 is now RM3.50 but you can have nasi lemak ikan bilis at RM3.00 and it’s the same.  You don’t really need sotong and ikan bilis will suffice.  There is no price increase in nasi lemak.  What crap!

The economy is not well.  Petrol prices just went up.  The government is spinning yarn that all is well, things are under control, petrol prices didn’t go up, and RON 95 will stay at RM1.80 until the end of the year.  The rakyat is stupid? Or what?

Consumer spending has slowed down when the government had hoped that domestic spending would go up to keep the economy going.  Giving out money in lieu of petrol subsidies (which we can all see the folly) doesn’t help.  There is not more disposable income.  In fact, there is less value in the same income because inflation has soared while salaries stagnated.  Some even took pay cuts to keep the jobs.

So what else is the government doing?  Or not doing?

The snatching of Perak, the desire to re-capture Selangor by Umno, the cow-head fiasco, the sudden death of TBH, and many other unthinkable (in days past) are now all happening and in waves.

The focus seems to be on the Ong Tee Keat fight for survival but the MCA will survive all this crap and remain irrelevant.  Whether it’s Chua Soi Lek staging a successful takeover is not interesting anymore as they are not the Chinese community’s main interest.

The MIC fight and scandal will distract further but most don’t really care anymore.  The internal Umno fights are not seen in public but those on the inside knows the turmoil that’s wreaking havoc there.

The other little party is almost unheard of, oh, it’s Gerakan.  Their president, Koh Tsu Koon, is clearly sidelined by Najib in his bid to implement KPIs to the Cabinet.  He couldn’t find the key or nobody answered his calls.  We won’t know which and KPIs still won’t change what the government intellectual and collective wisdom lacks.

Why isn’t anyone focusing all such attention to rebuild the economy?  Why isn’t the government working overtime to help the poor and needy to stay afloat during this time?  Why isn’t the government seen to care about where the economy is heading or is it a foregone conclusion that we are left to fend for ourselves or that on autopilot we shall recover?

This is the 21st century and the rakyat, we Malaysians, are not dumb and willing to be led by the nose nor by the stick.  We all care for our country.  We are the ones who believe and practice the 1Malaysia, without fear or favor, without prejudice and race colored glasses.

More importantly, we Malaysians are thinking people who believe the future is for us and our children, no matter how we look like.

We want our government to practice the same and to take care of our future.  Not selfish politicians who speak from both sides of the mouth.

Let us all rise above the smoke screens set to distract us from the real and present dangers and call on the government to work on the country’s recovery NOW!


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