Najib defends Isa: Was he kidding in France?

Najib made a defense for Isa when questioned recently in France.  The Bernama report that was published in The Malaysia Insider (read here) gives us an amusing side of our beloved PM.

Najib said former Negri Sembilan Mentri Besar Isa, who was found guilty of breaching party rules, was punished for his offence while he also lost the mentri besar’s post and Umno vice-president’s post.


“This (Isa’s offence) is only a technical matter in the party and he has already paid for his deeds,” said Najib when asked by a student on the decision to pick Isa for the Bagan Pinang by-election.

Isa was found guilty of money politics in the 2004 Umno election and was suspended for six years which eventually was reduced to three years (read here).  This is not a mere breach of party rules.  It is clearly an act of corruption.  It is not only [emphasis mine] a technical matter in the party.  If his action is a not acceptable within Umno, it is also not acceptable in the realm of Malaysian politics.  This is not a private affair within Umno.

Is money politics a small matter after all?  Is it not corruption in using money to buy votes, whether in a political party or in any other office?  Are we getting numbed to such blatant abuse of power?  If it is such a misdemeanor, why shouldn’t it be widely practiced instead?  Why punish Ali Rastam and Khairy in the 2008 Umno elections?

So what if Isa paid his dues by serving the suspension.  Did that make him a saint again?  If Chua Soi Lek continues to be dogged by the sex scandal and taints him, so will money politics taint Isa.

Unless we say that money politics is no big a deal and everybody does it.  Just don’t get caught.  This is probably what Najib meant or did we get it wrong from him.  Is Najib condoning money politics?

“The question here is whether he deserves a second chance or not. In our system, even a criminal gets a second chance and can contest the post after serving his or her punishment.

Even more hilarious is that Najib thinks Isa is equivalent to a criminal.  What a joke and surely everyone who reads this will laugh.  Is Umno sending a criminal to stand for election?  If Pematang Pasir in Rohaizat Othman didn’t wake up Umno, one wonders if Umno is still in slumber nominating Isa to Bagan Pinang as their candidate?

Najib equates Isa’s nomination as the candidate for Bagan Pinang as getting a second chance given to a criminal.  Is the Rakyat so backward that we have to vote a “criminal”?  Shouldn’t the Rakyat be given options to vote candidates who are worthy, clean, strong and fair?  This is politics.  You must appear clean and maintain your integrity.  This is not show business where some will do this on purpose to gain publicity.

We should ask ourselves these questions.

Will a bank hire a President who had been found guilty in a breach of trust?

Will Umno appoint a treasurer who had been guilty of corruption and CBT?

Will we vote for a political candidate whose integrity has been compromised?

Should Malaysians vote a tainted leader to public office?

You have the answer.  But politics are not rational events sometimes.

Watch this election at Bagan Pinang.  It can be a watershed of Malaysian politics.

If Isa wins, it implies that the Rakyat doesn’t care about the integrity of their political candidates.

If Isa loses, Umno will lose a moral position.  This seat belonged to BN/Umno and should be retained at all cost.  Losing is not an option.  It will be tantamount of losing real ground to the Opposition.  And that must never be.  Not now, not ever!

Win, you are damned.  Lose you are doomed.

Heads, I win.  Tails, you lose.

No wonder Pakatan Rakyat leaders subtly urged Umno to nominate Isa.  It’s a trap for Umno.  Let’s watch history in the making again on Oct 11.


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