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January 7, 2010

Hello World – The Nexus One

Google announced the Nexus One smartphone that is branded by the company.  It is manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphones – HTC.  The device will surely be superior in form, quality and stability than other Android-based devices from other manufacturers as HTC knows how to build them.

As the US got excited and hearing Google making it available as unlocked sets as well, there seems to be quite an excitement stirred around the world.

As for Malaysia, we will have to wait but not too long.  The unofficial sets will make their way to our shores soon enough.

The specifications for this little beauty of a competitor to the Apple iPhone is found here.

I feel that Google is making definite and clear strides to positioning a worthy iPhone competitor in the Nexus One.  All the specifications are there.  Just that the applications available on the Android platform is way behind both the iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Once you take a closer look at the Nexus One, you will see that HTC is custom building a Hero/Touch HD2-like PDA phone for Google.  HTC’s experience in making Windows Mobile PDA phones like their latest Touch HD2 will come in very handy to provide the quantum leap for Google to catch up with Apple.

In the Nexus One, I believe HTC is making a version of their Touch HD2 to run on Android instead of Windows Mobile.  All of the Nexus One specifications are already found in the Touch HD2.  These include the GPS, touch screen, 4GB micro SD, 512MB RAM and ROM, etc. which are Windows Mobile standards.

So making Android run on this should not be too difficult since they own the design and can adapt it easily in their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Taipei.

This is good business for HTC as their Q4 revenues dropped by 30%.  This will surely provide a long term stable revenue stream for HTC in the forseeable future if Google has the might and clout to fight against the Apple iPhone and the rumored upcoming iPhone 4G.

For now, let’s see how the Nexus One will fare.  The price seems to be a good buy at below RM1,800.  I think the price will be closer to RM2,400 after it officially arrives here sometime later this year.  By which time, HTC will probably have a Touch HD3 out with features better than the Nexus One but running on Windows Mobile.

Good luck to the Nexus One!  Kudos, Google, for your courage to step up to Apple.


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January 7, 2010

Government wading into dangerous precedent

Updated on 7-Jan

The recent ruling allowing the Catholic Herald to use the term “Allah” in their BM publication has started a flurry of emotional reactions.  Marina Mahathir called them “knee jerk reactions” and that’s probably what they are.

With all the rest of the component parties in BN reacting with a deafening silence, it appears that only Umno is running this action to prohibit the use of the term by the Herald.

Yesterday (6-Jan), the Home Ministry says they “will allow a public demonstration against the “Allah” ruling, planned by Muslim groups this Friday at the Kampung Baru mosque here, to proceed and will only take action if “things get out of hand.” ” (read here).

Today (7-Jan), Najib our beloved Prime Minister says “that Muslims are free to protest and express their views against a court decision allowing the Catholic weekly Herald to use  “Allah” as God’s name.” (read here).

Imagine the surprise of the public when this article was published.  It appears that the Home Ministry feels that public gatherings like a candlelight vigil is more dangerous than this public demonstration by Muslim groups.  The public is still watching the outcome of the cow head stomping case where the authorities did not take any action until much later and after public outcry forced them to do so.

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