Myopia In Malaysia

It must have given Malaysians an awful shock reading the latest article on Perkasa (read here) posted on The Malaysian Insider.  It is inconceivable that such myopic views of fellow Malaysians can be construed by a Malay nationalist group.  Based on the report, Perkasa claims that

the Chinese community will use the next general election to take over the country.

Malaysians are made up of many cultures and we pride ourselves to live in harmony.  At least for the most part without such insensitive opinions being unleashed at us seemingly with an attempt to create a disunity in the country.  If it was uttered by anybody else, there will be the damning ISA or Seditious Act being thrown at them.

Najib’s vision of 1Malaysia can be thrown away when shredded to pieces by incredulous claims of Perkasa who seems to have zero knowledge of how the Chinese community views the country.  One supposes that Perkasa has the license to say just anything to remain a Malay nationalist and sticks one to Najib in the face.  How can anyone show such disdain to our beloved PM?

From common understanding of our Chinese friends who are staunch Malaysians, this is a damning insult yet again freely uttered with no qualms of sensitivity and throws our 1Malaysia to the dumpster.

The so-called Chinese that Perkasa warns about does not exist in Malaysia.  It is a strawman to stir up emotions, albeit negative ones.  It does not promote unity but just the contrary.

Genuine Malaysians who are from the Chinese descent never harbors any such views from the days their forefathers were naturalized to the present generations who are citizens born after Merdeka.  Perkasa has concocted a wild imagination with no substantiation that borders on ludicrous.

The true Malaysians who are Chinese are firmly rooting for the following ideals:

  1. real peace and harmony in the country to make a decent living to feed the family
  2. support the Constitution and rule of law to enable them to continue making money
  3. fight against corruption and any social evils that will destabilize the country that will prevent them from making money
  4. vote for any party that can sustain this vision and this is inculcated in every child from birth
  5. do not cause trouble and stay out of it
  6. help the needy regardless of who they are as this is part of the culture to respect and help coming from age old tradition

Which Malaysian who are Chinese believes that the DAP can rule the country?

Which Malaysian who are Chinese believes that they are going to take over the country?

If they do exist, they must be out of their minds and they are quite alone by themselves.  But nobody believes they exist.  This is a mere strawman for Perkasa to stir up emotions.

Let no Malaysians be troubled by such rhetoric which sounds like a bark in the dark.  It is probable that they saw their own shadows.

Malaysians need each other to survive and this symbiosis appears to be better understood and embraced by Pakatan Rakyat than by Barisan Nasional although it was the BN that started it.

However, a divide and conquer approach will never work in today’s Malaysia but the true harmonized cooperation and partnership between all Malaysians in a political setting will emerge the victors.

May Malaysia flourish and be rid of all forms of corruption, both monetary and ideologically.


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