Perkasa does it again

Perkasa Chief Ibrahim Ali sure has guts.  His press interview (view video below).  His exuberance can be easily interpreted as arrogance and his views about everybody can be perceived as “I’m smart, you are stupid”.  When he says others contravene the Federal Constitution in their news reporting or blog or facebook or twitter, he has a right to speak out albeit bluntly.

This is the second public appearances in as many days displaying  controversies to attract attention.

His belief that Perkasa is a Government Watchdog to protect Malay interest with regards to compliance to the Federal Constitution.  It appears to have given him a license to judge others as he sees fit.  His retorts in this video shows him more as a barking dog with little substantiation of any claims or facts, only rhetorics.  It will be good for him to share more specific details to prove his claims instead of seemingly making wild allegations.  Perhaps he feels it not the right time to backup his remarks during this interview but he certainly has portrayed himself as a vigilante defender of Malay rights.

He brags that no one has ever filed a report against him and hence, no police visits to interview him. This, he claims, proves that he is speaking the truth while others have numerous police reports against them (seemingly hitting at the Pakatan Rakyat leaders who are being interviewed by the police).

He riles at Malaysiakini in this interview conducted by Malaysiakini.  What a joke!  He certainly does not appear professional on the video to answer any question but perhaps that is his intent to hit out at Malaysiakini.

Certainly, Ibrahim intends to portray that he knows more of the Federal Constitution that most others and any demands by any group that appear to erode or challenge certain clauses will be met with the full brunt of Perkasa.

All other clauses in the Federal Constitution appears irrelevant to him or that they are never read together with the so-called clauses he defends so ardently.

We await his substantiation of facts before preparing a rebuttal.  It is not wise to  challenge his rhetorics when he supplied zero details of what he appears to be so agitated with.  Much like barking at his shadow for now.

Time will tell!


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