Gleanings of the new Apple iPad

The new Apple iPad has recently been made available unofficially in Malaysia.  In line with the Malaysia Boleh slogan, our friends in Low Yat have been parading the iPad for a few weeks now.  The iPad probably made its way to our shores not long after Apple launched it in the US.

A quick tour of this new and nifty device brings some euphoria of sorts.  Especially so when it is so new and it is here in Malaysia.

The immediate reaction when the iPad was taken out of the box was the elated WOW!  Apple sure knows how to make these devices and they did not disappoint.

If you have used the iPhone 3G or the iPod Touch, you will find that the iPad is very much in line with the look and feel of the exquisite and excellent designed device.  Apple knows what the people want.

The iPad is very much an iPod Touch enlarged and is excellent device for what it was designed for – e-books, news, games and everything in between.  I don’t think it will ever replace the notebook and it wasn’t designed to replace notebooks.  But it is excellent to fill the void that notebooks can never fill, that is, for reading pleasure that is ever pleasing to the eyes.

As always, the user community out there is giving us the “jailbreak” version of the iPad and it is now available too (read here).  This will get more iPads out there and allow for most of all the enjoyment that owners of jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch for new iPad users.  In fact, I expect many iPad owners to be existing iPhone or iPod Touch current owners.  So if you own an iPhone and iPod Touch, you may just be the proud owner of an iPad soon.

With the iPad, you can get to read your news and books just great.  Much better than the iPhone or iPod Touch.  Once you use the iPad for this purpose, you will be wondering why you are reading with your iPhone or iPod Touch and why Apple never did this earlier.

The gaming experience is fantastic too.  There so much detail and clarity, far bigger than a PSP or iPod Touch and the enjoyment is far great too.  It’s hard to understand why anyone will stay with the iPod Touch to play games when there is now the iPad.

Perhaps the price at RM2,350 may be a bit steep for many iPod Touch owners though.  It is unlikely the prices will come down too much given that it is still imported unofficially for the forseeable future.  Apple is not going to officially release it in Malaysia anytime soon anyway.

I expect that many of the new owners of iPad will be real geeks at this time, followed by many executive owners of the iPhone because they will enjoy the larger fonts and icons to help ease their reading and touch challenges.  In fact, they will have no trouble dishing out the price of the iPad but not many of them will go to Low Yat to buy them as they had their convenience of obtaining their iPhone via the Maxis plans.

Interestingly, there have been photoshop pictures of wireless keyboard for the iPad which is cool but fictitious at this time.  Let’s see if the accessories will flood the market coming from Taiwan and China to make the iPad an even greater success.  Apple should realize that for the iPad to succeed, there is a need for complementary eco-system to provide accessories to spur consumer interests to dress up their iPads.

For now, the iPad is great to talk about while few will buy in the near term.  Malaysians tend to be followers so expect the iPad to pick up the pace in the coming months.  The 3G version of the iPad will not change the take up rate in Malaysia as the micro SIM is not yet readily available at this time but the mobile telcos like Maxis, Digi and Celcom are definitely having this in their roadmaps.

Go get your iPad today!  And drop me a note on your experience with it.


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