So much “news” in Malaysia these days

Malaysia is brewing with “news” these days.  Here is a quick roundup in case you missed them.

Wikileaks on Anwar (read here) as well as Najib (read here) are causing much difficulty for them as well as the countries (read here and here) alleged to have made the statements.  These are difficult times for both Anwar and Najib in damage control mode.

Perkasa leader Ibrahim Ali again made headlines coming to the defense of Najib (read here) while Najib has remained silent thus far.  Further extreme ideas include Perkasa demanding the Najib administration to build a special museum commemorating May-13 (read here).  His latest taunt reflects a poor judgment on his part on nation building interest which is deplorable to say the least for this politician.  One wonders if he actually knows the facts behind the unfortunate event or is bent to force his personal view on the matter.

Then there is an exposé on PwC Consulting in Malaysia (read here) referred in our own “wikileaks” called Malaysia Today.  An anonymous blog called Zarinahtakesapaycut has blown open a serious allegation involving that company.  Apart from political news, this one on the private sector seems to be something that is about to blow apart.

Then we have our DPM Muhyiddin Yassin regarding development funds saying “the funds were only meant for small projects in Barisan Nasional MP’s constituencies” (read here).  Is he the DPM for BN voters or is he the DPM for Malaysia?  Should all who didn’t vote for BN stop paying taxes?  Americk Sidhu gave a very insightful reading of DPM’s narrow view of the country (read here).  A definite must read for everybody.  Somehow, our DPM seems to be at odds with our PM in some of his public statements.  He speaks as Umno Deputy President but in the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.  He seems to have forgotten his role to the Rakyat.  It’s like if you don’t vote BN, then your roads will not be paved, so vote at your own peril!  Is that a warning sounded to the nation for the coming GE13?  Remember how the Rakyat voted in GE12 in response to many such threatening statements made by various BN politicians.

Finally, in preparation for the coming elections, a few individuals have progressed their positions with regards to GE13 besides Muhyiddin.  Azmin Ali, the newly minted Deputy President of PKR, came out with full support for Sarawak to honor the 1963 Agreement if Pakatan comes to power in Sarawak (read here).  At the same time, Zaid Ibrahim is now a member of a sleeping political party from Kelantan called Akim and may become their president soon in time for the next election (read here).  Zaid appears to be maneuvering himself into position to field a political force to be reckoned with according to his political ideals.  So is RPK in London announcing Malik Imtiaz Sarwar as the “Third Force” candidate for the coming general elections.

Lastly, to round up the latest “news” for Malaysia, two sore points must be highlighted and shown that Malaysians are really unhappy about.

The first is Malaysia’s Syariah Court giving their approval for 14-year old Siti Maryam Mahmood to marry religious teacher 23-year old Abdul Manan Othman (read here).  The Government refused to make an official stand to denounce such archaic and ancient practices making a mockery of Malaysia in the eyes of the world.  A 21st century Malaysia with a 7th century practice reflects poorly on all of us and we kept quiet.  Who will speak for the children of Malaysia?

The second is the grievances of Malaysian history textbook authors who claim that our current history textbooks are biased and littered with errors (read here).  This comes with no surprise but examples are very revealing in that there is a political undertone in our history textbooks.  And if the history subject is made a mandatory pass for SPM students in 2013, whose view of history is to be accepted and shouldn’t students be taught the broader view of world and regional history instead of a vagrant focus on Islamic history?  Politicians must not get involved in toying with our children’s future.  Let educationists do their work to build a well rounded education for our children instead.


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