TBH, Strange Verdict and RCI

The recent “open verdict” returned by the Coroner of which Dr Rafick from Rights2Write blog has so aptly written his piece of analysis and I highly recommend as a very insightful reading (read here).  This is by far the best analysis available anywhere.

The Coroner clearly is convinced that it is not a suicide.  Then says it is also not a homicide.  Then how did Teoh Beng Hock die?  That’s a “funnycide”.

It’s like “Yes the family is right that TBH didn’t commit suicide.”

But it’s also “Yes MACC is not at fault.”

Which brings us to what really did the Coroner say? It’s “your guess is as good as mine”.

So why did we spend 18 months going round the Malaysian bush to come full circle to where we first started? All the time and money and effort to tell that we really don’t know?

Or is it really we all know how TBH died but none of us can talk about it?

Only in Malaysia can we have a politically correct decision which is not true.  One wonders who will believe such a verdict at all. It’s like saying Malaysians are all dumb and we will believe just anything dished to us.

Now, PM Najib is prepared to call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) but whatever for?  Of course, Perkasa is dead against it.  So is Chua Soi Lek.

In actual fact, an RCI is a mere waste of time and money too.  Worse still, it charter will have nothing to do with determining how TBH died. Rather, it is to discover if the MACC has exceeded any boundaries in their interrogation efforts. Now that we have an open verdict by the Coroner, who cares if the MACC has exceeded their interrogation boundaries. Even if they had, it does not implicate MACC in the death of TBH.

Now, we will never ever know formally the truth surrounding TBH’s untimely death. It appears important to ensure that MACC remains immaculate and saintly in their endeavors to rid the country of corrupt practice.

It requires an open verdict to “save” the MACC the blushes when there are so many inconsistencies and unexplained facts that implicates them.  Dr Rafick’s analysis clearly implies the MACC guilt and that is the view of the general public too.

Only the Government and the obnoxious blindly loyal to Umno rejects all the facts that implicates guilt on MACC.  When TBH died in MACC’s custody or while MACC was still the host to TBH, how can MACC, the Coroner and the Government just sweep this under the rug, ignore it and move on?

Then we have a situation where the Opposition party can capitalize on during the next impending General Election. BN has just opened a door to them and that was a conscious choice rather than opening a can of worms instead.

TBH, you can be sure that your death will not be in vain and that there will be more opportunities in the near future where the truth will be called for again and again!

This has not ended, not just yet!

May TBH rest in peace!


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