iPhone 4G: Hard Act To Follow

The real beauty of a phone

The real beauty of a phone

Apple introduced their fourth generation of PDA phones last year and the competition is still catching up.

In what can be termed as a quantum leap in PDA phone technology when Apple first launched their iPhone series, they have managed to continue their leadership by a mile, so to speak.

Here are a few outstanding features that are worth considering when looking for a new device like this one. I consider these compelling features. If they don’t excite you, then you may be better off getting something else.

    Retina Display – Apple continues to push the display envelop knowing far well that consumers eyes will be captivated by what they see. The WOW factor generated by this technology for the iPhone 4G gives the immediate allure to want to get one. You must see it to believe what I say.

    FaceTime – This is Apple’s answer to the Balckberry Messenger which is free to BB users. Apple also provide FT free and this is a video chat service between FT enabled devices which includes the latest iPod Touch and various MacBooks.

    Fun and Games – The iPhone 4G continues the legacy of providing endless entertaining moments. The Android apps are certainly catching up but Apple has the edge for a little while more. The ease of use to non-techies is just amazing as Apple adopted the intuitive interaction approach where everybody can use with no problem.

So if these do wow you, then you must get one.

(This is my first attempt using mobile WordPress. It’s so cool.)

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