Where is our Public Holiday?

Lee Chong Wei won the All England Championship 2011 and made all Malaysians really proud of him. He overcame his mental nemesis, Lin Dan. One of the reasons why Chong Wei faltered each time he played against Lin Dan was his mental weakness, not his physical skills. Now, Malaysians stand tall with Chong Wei to say SYABAS! YOU DID IT!

Chong Wei is now truly a world champion in badminton beyond a shadow of a doubt. He is finally ranked amongst the elite few who have won the All England title, perhaps the most coveted crown in the world of badminton.

Now, we have a big and important question to ask our dear Prime Minister. When are you going to announce a PUBLIC HOLIDAY to celebrate this amazing win which is truly WORLD CLASS? You declared 31 December 2010 a public holiday when our national football team won the AFF Suzuki Cup. That is Asean Class, hardly worth the cheer.

Chong Wei has done what few has achieved and his persistence and dedication to be a world champion has dawned in 2011. Yes, he has been awarded a Datukship. But in the same sentiments of the AFF Suzuki Cup win, Malaysians deserve a public holiday to celebrate!

Come on, Mr Prime Minister. This declaration will be consistent with your intents to encourage Malaysians to be champions, in this case, a WORLD CHAMPION!

When? When? When?


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