April 16: Tsunami or Fizzle?

The Sarawak State Election polling date is April 16. Will this be a watershed of elections as many predict or will BN and Taib prevail over everything thrown at them.

The Opposition appears to believe that this election can become the turning point for a national level change.

In practical terms, BN and Taib also know that Sarawak will present a turning point of sorts to the ruling government or the opposition.

This will be a very hard fought elections although BN is poised to win majority of the seats. Most pundits believe that BN cannot lose Sarawak but may lose a substantial number of seats.

This turning point will augur well for the opposition if they manage to deny Taib’s 2/3 majority or even the near impossible of defeating BN.

This turning point will also augur well for BN if they don’t lose as many seats to the opposition and will encourage Najib to be bold enough to call for a Federal election.

Of course, there is so much said on both sides especially in the MSM as well as alternate media. But the Sarawakians have the final say come April 16 no matter come what may.

No government is perfect. Not BN and certainly not Taib. This article is not about sides but a centrist view of what is transpiring and brewing in Sarawak.

Certainly, there are numerous issues being thrashed around. This election will go down in history as the hardest fought yet to date and perhaps the dirtiest.

A lot is at stake here for all parties. An don’t underestimate the stakes as it is more than Sarawak as most leaders know all too well.

This is not just about Sarawak. What happens here will have broad ramifications and Najib has already alluded to it when he commented he will assess Sarawak election results before deciding on the GE13.

If BN and Taib make significant losses in terms of number of seats, it can start a tsunami if GE13 is called.

If BN and Taib wins comfortably albeit losing some seats not significant enough to cause a major dent as the opposition fizzles out, Najib will feel more confident to move forward with GE13.

Politics is dirty. All “legal” tactics will be used this time and appears to be no holds barred. Observers already have lots to comment and EC has barred MAFREL as observer status. But that’s how politics go. It’s personal to a large extent and the future of many leaders are also at stake and won’t lose without a fight.

The mood in Sarawak is all hyped up with this mother of all Sarawak elections. Can Taib retain his control and charm or will family members come to spoil the party? The coffee shops are starting to brew with all sorts of speculations.

And speculations they remain. No matter who says what, it is what the electorate believes that will influence their votes, regardless if that belief is true or false. Electoral votes have generally been emotional and this time is no different.

Certainly, the campaigns are out to charm the fence seaters as the diehards on both sides will be unlikely to change their minds no matter what.

This time, there are the most number of Independent candidates and it is predicted that they will all lose. Let’s see if that be true.

So, all Malaysians, please sit up and pay close attention to what is happening in Sarawak because it will affect everyone of us most assuredly, whether we want or not.

This Sarawak election can see either the beginnings of a GE13 tsunami or a stronger BN emerging to shut out the opposition.


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