BN wins Sarawak but loses more seats to DAP, PKR

Taib delivers Sarawak yet again.

As the results are still coming in, the official announcement by EC was just made that BN has won by a simple majority. Indications are getting clearer that BN may just also get their 2/3 majority but just barely.

It is expected that DAP will win at least 12 seats with PKR between 8 to 12 seats. There is only 1 Independent winner.

What is clear is that SNAP and PAS did not win a single seat. Did SNAP help BN win by splitting the non-BN votes? We’ll know when the detailed results come in.

The biggest loser is SUPP where George Chan and many of his team lost to DAP.

What will this mean to BN, Taib and Najib?

This result is a wake up call to the BN to put things right and restore the confidence of the people. Fixing all the public grouses as well as reorganizing the BN parties, particularly SUPP, will be crucial.

Taib wins by not doing much and this will probably tells a story to Najib not to jump the gun in Sarawak. No matter how the opposition gains traction, it still can’t get that far. Sarawak is different from Peninsular. Although the Peninsular styles have certainly made an impact, the culture is still different from the Peninsula’s practice. The Najib intrusion was not appreciated and was a kneejerk reaction, a sense of desperation. But not for Taib at all.

The message can be said of one to Umno to please stay out of Sarawak. You don’t know how Sarawak works..

Now the opposition can be more effective in the State Assembly and will be a good improvement. It is good for the people to have a louder check-and-balance voice.

The people has spoken. Make their lives better or else the next election will see further erosion of BN seats.

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