A New Era has Dawned in Sarawak

Sarawakians have spoken today with BN 55, DAP 12, PKR 3 and Independent 1(BN popular votes 55.24%).

Loud and clear too. They have chosen to retain Taib and BN as a whole.

At the same time, they have voiced out that they are not happy at all with the state of affairs. So they have enlarged the opposition voice, the biggest in Taib’s 30 years of reign.

This is the Win-Win position that Sarawak has hoped for and the people has spoken.

Taib wins Sarawak with 2/3 majority, Najib gets confidence back, Opposition gets a bigger legitimized voice and now watch how Sarawakians benefit from BN honoring their campaign promises.

Soul Searching

SUPP has to rediscover and do something drastic to restore themselves after winning 6 of their 19 seats contested, especially important was DCM George Chan losing in Piasau.

Taib delivered Sarawak to Najib and with his PBB winning all their 35 seats yet again. That was enough to bring them almost to simple majority (36 seats).

How can anyone think that Taib will lose? Najib became paranoid after learning how the opposition had overwhelming reception at their ceramahs that he personally came to campaign himself taking over from Taib. And all along Taib had it covered.

Taib in Control

Now that Taib has been sworn in as the new CM, will he step down in two to three years time?

Campaign is campaign. The reality is Taib will step down when he steps down. His two to three years is his view of time. People will soon forget and Taib will still be around the next elections.

Taib will remain in full control of the state although the state assembly will see more hot debates and questioning,

Umno will remain shut out from Sarawak but they will find a way. As long as Taib is there, Umno will not have a chance to do so.

GE13 Next?

Next will be the 13th General Election (GE13). Najib said to use the Sarawak Election to gauge BN’s odds to win. Najib is very please with this win that he may most possibly hold it in June/July this year.

Najib has been feeling more confident following the many by-election wins and now bouyed by Sarawak. His mood must have been perked up.

On the flip side, Pakatan Rakyat also feels more confident now that they stand a much better chance in the Parliamentary election possibly coming up. Pakatan needs more seats from Sarawak and today has shown that it is very possible.

Sarawak Example

Good morning, Sarawak! You have done your duty.

All is peaceful and calm and the people of all tribes in Sarawak continue to show what the real Sarawak really is – 1Sarawak!

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