Soi Lek Silly Rantings

Soi Lek and MCA recently came under severe attack by Perkasa and nobody in BN came to their defense.

Yes, Chua SL attempted to speak up against what he considers is extreme and racist against Utusan.

End result: Perkasa demo in front of MCA HQ with no police deterrent, DPM coming in support of Utusan and Perkasa and no BN component parties especially Umno coming in support of MCA.

Today, Chua SL is reported here that he will vote PKR if they will remove Malay privileges from the Constitution.

Tangent Deflection

Where did this come from? PKR never proposed any changes to the Constitution. Then again, MCA probably doesn’t quite understand the privileges for Bumiputras which include the natives of East Malaysia.

We seem to always forget this group of people who has been marginalised in vocalisation of priveleges.

Furthermore, Nurul Izzah has kept pointing out the specific privileges in the Constitution but unknowing people have ignored her point and accused her of abandoning Malay rights.

Now Chua SL is diverting attention by sounding really silly on something without any basis.

Nobody is about to change the Constitution. It’s poor understanding and interpretation that is the problem here.

Chua SL Lost The Plot

It appears that the MCA leader is trying to grab sand while sinking (some say already sank). He is trying to win support and getting it all wrong.

If nothing substantial happens to MCA actions to shore support except using strawman rhetorics, MCA may be as good as history and a walking dead party.

The issues being fought by MCA are either stiffled or totally irrelevant. Like how Chua SL barks on totally stupid issues that only he seems interested in and nobody else.

His rhetorics are more foot in mouth and hurting his already poor image as well as MCA being a subservient member of BN. He needs a new team of advisors to guide him to speak on real issues that affects ALL Malaysians.

When will they ever learn? Malaysians are more mature and such rantings will be totally ignored and laughed at!

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