Vote MCA for Chinese Representation in the Government – Irrelevant

The recent rantings by Chua Soi Lek and PM Najib miss the mark altogether.

It is a fact that the Chinese support for MCA is now at a dismal state. But it didn’t have to do with Chinese votes.

It is also a fact that it is not only the Chinese that voted for MCA. There are Malays, Indians and other communities who also voted.

Generalizing and singling out the Chinese is absolutely wrong and is factually incorrect and also dismisses all others in the process.

When the call is for 1Malaysia, why does it matter on the call that Chinese representation in the Government will be affected if MCA loses Chinese votes?

In GE12, Chinese voted for MCA, MIC, Umno, etc. Not every seat is MCA. They also voted for opposition parties. They did not vote with the mind of having more Chinese representation in the Government.

Just as in the recent Sarawak election that not only Chinese voted DAP but also the Malays, Dayaks and Ibans.

Nothing Racial Please
On the contrary, they as well as many Malaysians from all communities voted for who they felt can lead the country for a better future. It didn’t matter what ethnic background was the candidate from. It was the bigger picture that mattered.

In fact, GE12 is a true reflection of 1Malaysia where voters voted for who they felt can best represent their future. There were no racial lines drawn except where politicians forced it.

So why did Soi Lek and Najib mislead Malaysians with such political blackmail as some has called it?

Political Fear
The general fear of losing support makes politicians act strangely. They fear their political powers subsiding and hence, such irrational reactions and rhetorics.

MCA is now down in the dumps and need to drum up general support as it gasps for political air for survival. They can see how Gerakan operates today. MCA can be just that or worse.

Did the MCA not realise their own members do not support them? Soi Lek must deal with them first and then to address the shortcomings of MCA in relation to Malaysians at large because all communities voted for or against them.

Think General Election, Think About All Malaysians
Malaysians do not really think racial lines when it comes to elections. Certainly, there are those diehard bigots who are partisan but most Malaysians vote for those who can make their lives better.

Of course, some may say this is naïve and many Malaysians do vote whoever gives them money.

We can’t change that overnight but hopefully that change can come soon enough.

The point we must make is for politicians to uphold 1Malaysia and speak about Malaysians at large, not by race but by NEEDS. Malaysians have needs that politicians must address. It affects all communities.

When it floods, we must help all affected by it.

When there is injustice, we must stand up against it no matter who it is.

When there is poverty, we must help them all regardless what race they are and who they voted for.

This is in essence a true 1 Malaysia. It is about giving help and hope to ALL Malaysians, not a particular group.

If all the politicians clamor is for particular groups, then let only those groups pay income tax and all others be exempted. That is fair.

Obviously, there’s fair and there’s fair depending on who executes the fairness. That is politics. But Malaysians are simple people who wants a better future for us and our children.

Focus on what matters to Malaysians, not the political parties. Then the voters will know what to do when their time comes.


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