Christians Don’t Care Who is PM as long as …

The General Election is definitely around the corner. The season of building alarm bells for the Malay community against others communities to boost Malay votes for Umno has begun.

First, to demonise DAP and now the guns are trained on the Christian community. One on race, the other on religion. Both are equally sensitive but yet the PM has stayed silent to let this boil up.

Christian Issues
For the past few years, the Al-Kitab issue has been simmering with the confiscating of CDs and Bibles. Only a few weeks ago, Najib had to step into the muddied water regarding the Malay Bible to allow the Sarawakians to use the bible freely but not applying to Peninsular Christians.

Really a 1Malaysia, 2Rules situation.

But that appeasement helped not to let the issue boil over to hurt the BN votes too badly. BN survived the Al-Kitab woes but all strains and complaints remain unresolved.

Certainly, over the years, the freedom of Malaysians to worship have steadily eroded and curbed to the point the Al-Kitab was considered a national security threat under ISA. Such actions have pushed the Christians to a point that their patience quickly abated. In turn, they were accused of being extremists and threatening to Muslims for reasons that baffles everyone.

Now, pro-Umno bloggers have played up a seminar held in Penang as a political aspiration of DAP and Christians and lying to the public blatantly to stir up strife amongst the Muslims and Malay community against the Christians. If it was anybody else, they would have them locked up under ISA being seditious and all.

Umno daily, Utusan Malaysia, picked this up to publish as headline front page news thereby legitimizing the lies as truth and news.

And the authorities are looking the other way. In fact, Pembela had the gall to call on the police to investigate the Utusan propaganda.

Simple questions to answer: did anyone investigate the facts and truth of the matter or what pro-Umno bloggers and Utusan Malaysia say is always true? The answer is a vehement NO!

NO! Nobody checked the veracity prior to publishing the news which make these lies instead.

NO! Not everything they say is true. In cases like this, absolutely seditious, malicious and mischievious.

Lies, Lies, Lies
They accused the DAP working with the Christians to plan to change the position of Islam in the Constitution. They lie about the Christians wanting a Christian PM of Malaysia.

These are the worst kind of lies possible. Self generated without a shred of fact, self serving for a political purpose.

What is happening to our country?

The Christians Don’t Care
It is a fact Christians are not interested to touch the Constitution for whatever reason and they have zero interest in a Christian PM.

There is really no such need either. And the lies spreaded by pro-Umno bloggers serve to fan a fire that is not there just for political expediency.

The Christians don’t care for any of the things claimed so wildly concocted by blind politics. Christians only care for respect and constitutional right to freely worship. They ony want leaders who rule justly, fairly for everybody.

In fact, it is customary and instructed of Christians to pray for the leaders of the country that God will bless Malaysia, that we will have peace and harmony and prosperity and freedom to worship God.

By a sheer slanted view and incapable of appreciating Christianity, Utusan Malaysia propagated the lies of pro-Umno bloggers possibly to fan religious intolerance amongst Malays and to stir them up against non-Malays in hope they vote Umno in the upcoming General Elections.

This is most dangerous play and denying the truth and peaceableness of Christians and other religions.

No one can bring to pass any of the allegations. Not BN, not PR, certainly not DAP or most unlikely the Christians. So why all the ruckus and emotional uproar on baseless reports?

1Malaysia Fails
Najib’s 1Malaysia is about to be fully destroyed day by day by people related to Umno. It seems there are groups that will undermine Najib’s noble national unity interests.

But with Najib being quiet and not taking a clear stand to reprimand such dangerous behavior and seditious actions of Umno related parties, it seems that Najib may be assumed agreeable to these actions and thereby silently consented too.

This is not the time for Najib to be perceived weak and play to the Umno gallery to the detriment of his policies of unity as the PM for all Malaysians.

Speak up now, Mr Prime Minister. Take charge of unity or be accused of promoting a divide and conquer policy under your guise of 1Malaysia.

Do not fail Malaysia!


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