Lynas Is Absolutely Safe

Regardless, the protestors with much courage and conviction shouted “Stop Lynas!” because of their concerns regarding the radiation pollution from the Lynas plant that is said to be the biggest in the world upon completion. (Read here)

The BN government has decided that Lynas is very safe. Who says it is not? Who says the radiation polution is going to be the biggest in the world when completed?

Proof that Lynas is SAFE – the BN logic
No point showing any reports from EIA studies. The layman on the streets of Pahang won’t understand. They have been misled.

Even though the government of Western Australia was reported to have rejected any proposition to receive any of the harzardous waste back, it appears that Malaysia is ever willing to keep it inside Pahang.

If BN government says it’s safe, it must be safe. What more to say it is in Najib’s home state too? Will our beloved PM put the state and the lives of the rakyat at risk? Of course not.

Actions to Demonstrate Safety
From today onwards, the official MB residence will move next to the Lynas plant. All the family members of the MB have volunteered to move together with the MB as a show of solidarity and prove that Lynas is definitely safe.

The entire Pahang BN state assemblymen will also take up their new residences around the Lynas plant just to prove that it is absolutely safe.

If the people living there now still feels unsafe, the state will relocate them faraway to avoid any unnecessary complaints. If only the state officials feel safe next to Lynas, it will have a strong impact on the rakyat to show how much they believe in their decision on Lynas.

To Top It Off
This one is a brilliant idea and you can’t top this.

The Cabinet will announce Najib’s Pahang home is moving next door to Lynas too. His entire family is joining Najib and Rosmah to build an awesome home fully paid by the federal government that overlooks the world’s largest rare earth processing plant.

The state tourism board will authorise an observation deck built at the edge of Najib’s new home next to Lynas. Imagine busloads of tourists coming to view Najib’s home and also getting a grand view of the world’s largest rare earth processing plant. It can probably equal the number if tourists viewing the world’s tallest twin towers.

This will encourage entreprenuers to sell trinklets that has a small amount of radiation. After all, the level of radiation will be safe and the souveniers will be one of a kind in the world.

Imagine this – made in Malaysia, safe level of radiation approved souvenier. You can’t get that anywhere in the world except in Kuantan. That will give Kuantan tourism the needed edge over Cherating with Club Med. Kuantan has Lynas.

Malaysia Boleh!

Pahang Economic Boom
The Lynas plant will create new jobs for Pahang. Many people will have new income. The young people from rural Pahang will have first preference to get lucrative jobs with Lynas complete with training.

With this new world’s largest plant will have new economic activities around it. Logistics, food and drinks, housing, foreign workers, even tourism.

How can this be bad?

It’s only rare earth and there will be all the BN government checks and balances for safety. After all, Lynas can be fined RM50m per mishap. Read more here.

That will go into the state government coffers for development of new initiatives that will benefit Pahang. And what bad thing can happen with a mishap? Don’t be silly!

So the whole world and all Malaysians can see that Lynas is a non-issue created by people who are jealous of Najib and the Pahang State for successfully luring Lynas Corp to Kuantan.

This is one of the key initiatives of foreign investments coming into Malaysia. A grand RM700m worth of it with all the rare earth waste that will be kept in Malaysia. After all, “Lynas has also agreed to place funds with the Malaysian government to ensure safe management of any remaining residues as required by the AELB,” the Australian miner told The Malaysian Insider in a statement. (Read here.)

Safely, of course!

(This posting is a tongue-in-cheek teaser intended for the light hearted for a chuckle of the day. Any references to people dead or alive or places are totally unintentional as they are supposed to be fictional only.)


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