Bersih Rally 9 July – why the fuss?

The impending rally that is planned for 9 July by Bersih (Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections) is apparently called the Walk for Democracy or Bersih 2.0.

They have demanded 8 points

  1. that the EC clean up the electoral roll,
  2. reform postal voting,
  3. use indelible ink,
  4. introduce a minimum 21-day campaign period,
  5. allow all parties free and fair access to the media,
  6. strengthen public institutions,
  7. stop corruption,
  8. put an end to dirty politics.

Bersih is supported by 65 NGOs and has attracted the support of Opposition parties namely PAS, PKR and DAP.

Once the Opposition parties side any issue, the BN Government will side the opposite. Given that BN is the government of the day, they have not only opposed the Bersih Rally but threw all they can muster against it.

The issues for a clean and fair elections raised by Bersih are glossed over by Umno who has been the most outspoken against this event. PM Najib insisted that elections in Malaysia is clean and fair and this rally is totally out of place.

However, to date, the EC and the BN Government have not come out to reply how their view that elections in Malaysia is truly clean and fair against the 8-points raised by Bersih. They make sweeping statements and claim that Bersih is rabble rousing because of reasons that the Rakyat can only speculate.

One major thinking is that Bersih 2.0, if allowed to take place, can become a major stumbling block to the BN in the next General Election because it can heighten the emotions to oppose Umno. This being a civil action means it is the general public that will be standing up for what they perceive as an unfair and unclean election and they want something done about it. Most analysts believe that if elections in Malaysia is truly clean and fair that the BN Government will not be in power today.

As such, it will be inconcievable that PM Najib will allow Bersih Rally to ever take place as it can spell doom for Umno and BN as a whole. The Police has been called to do everything to ensure fear amongst the public that they do not come out on Saturday by the increasing intimidation of arrests for wearing the yellow Bersih t-shirts and anyone encouraging the rally. The public scorn has risen to the greatest heights with the general mood that the Police is totally unreasonable and oppressive.

This was started by our dear Home Minister Hishamuddin who declared the yellow attire for Bersih and anything yellow that propagates Bersih is outlawed. We now have a precedent set by the Home Minister to create laws on-the-fly without the Parliament. Incredible stance and executed by the Police is rousing such opposing sentiments within the Rakyak to stand in disgust that such a simple and straightforward sincere demands for a clean and fair election can be met with such brutal oppression by the BN Government.

Finally, Najib has uttered the mother of all oppression. He said that it is possible to declare an Emergency rule and the Internal Security Act be used to quell any figment of Bersih as he demonises the group.

Instead of support and emphatizing, he can see it only from a political viewpoint and solely the Umno glasses that the rally must be stopped at all cost.

What will happen come July 9? There are similar rallies planned around the world. The Walk for Democracy has been deemed illegal by the Police. The MCMC has come out in support to influence how Bersih news should be reported and promising a clamp down of sites that support Bersih.

All the collective actions of the PM, the Home Minister, the Police, MCMC and of course not forgetting Perkasa and Umno Youth have left a bad taste in the mouth of the public and incited even the least action minded of the Rakyat to want to protest these oppressive acts of the Government against the Rakyat.

July 9 may turn out to be a Walk beyond what Bersih has set out initially. The sentiments of the Rakyat to protest the oppressive acts of the Government will become more prominent than just demands for a clean and fair election.

If this happens, it will be unimaginable how the oppressive forces of the Government will react against the Rakyat come next Saturday.

It is our prayer that all will be peaceful, that a clear and united message from the Rakyat is sent not only to the Agong but the Government and the entire world who is watching closely at this.

Uphold the Contitutional rights of the Rakyat but check any trouble makers on Saturday will be the best outcome possible.

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