Bersih 2.0 Crushed?

Bersih 2.0 has just been declared illegal by the Home Minister (read here).

This drastic move is the latest attempt to stamp out the Bersih 2.0 Walk for Democracy. Bersih is a coalition of the Rakyat who are striving for a clean and fair elections. This declaration is equivalent to the previous action on Hindraf who were pushing for attention on the plight of the Indians.

The Government really can’t be bothered about the indians as in the case of Hindraf and now has total disregard for the Rakyat’s appeal for a clean and fair election.

This draconian act show sheer desperation of the ruling parties to prevent what they fear of a premature demise likened to recent happenings in Egypt, Libya and other middle east countries.

The BN Government has now outdone itself in oppressing the Rakyat. It will not be surprising that the GE13 will spell the doom of BN with such high handed antics on noble aspiration that is apolitical.

Certainly, our PM only wants to demonise Bersih and Ambiga and PAS in total ignorance of what Bersih is pushing for. This is a personal attack on what he considers a clear and present danger not to the country but his position and that of Umno.

By so doing will be his undoing and unleashing agonising sentiments against the government by the Rakyat. This show of force by Najib may stroke the anger of the Rakyat against his unreasonable and what can’t be simply understood by the Rakyat. Using authoritarian power to stomp on Bersih tantamounts to stomping on the Rakyat and now everybody feels the sheer disgust about the Government.

A simple Bersih 2.0 rally has turned into a political suicide for Umno by turning on the Rakyat in ways only imagined by Gadaffi, Idi Amin, Marcos, Saddam Hussein but never Najib.

One just can’t imagine the noble demands for a clean and fair election in Malaysia can be construed as a threat to the country. Perhaps to Umno but not to Malaysia.

His 1Malaysia rhetorics have just gone poof! He is not the PM of all Malaysians, just those who tow his line. He now seems to be totally out of touch with the Rakyat.

The July 9 date may turn out to be much bigger now. But now it suffices to show the world that Malaysia is totally intollerant of the Rakyat wanting clean and fair elections that can bring down BN. The Malaysian Human Rights record will be smeared by this action. Especially there are confidential instructions to the media to highlight “damages” by Bersih and blackout Police brutality and oppression.

So is Bersih crushed now? Even if the entire committee is arrested ahead of July 9, it is now widely believed that the Rakyat will walk and spur a surge of social consciousness across the country.

On the contrary, Bersih 2.0 has raised the awareness of the Rakyat’s social standing as well as unveiling the draconian and oppressive reaction of the BN Government. This is a milestone achievement and will certainly continue through GE13.

We can be sure that CNN, BBC and other global news coverage will certainly be there and the world can see what the Rakyat feels about calling for electoral reforms that can be declared illegal and faces oppressive actions from the Government.

Only Najib and Hishamuddin can tell why they did what they did and yet not declare Perkasa and Umno illegal at the same time for instigating seditious counter rallies against Bersih.

We now live in a country where people can be arrested for wearing Bersih t-shirts and for calling for clean and free elections. To make something illegal, there must be a law passed that the legality can be based. But no. Our Home Minister can outlaw anything and anyone as he so pleases.

The backlash is yet to be seen. And Bersih is not crushed!

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