Bersih 2.0: Keep it inside the Stadium? You must be Joking

In an attempt to limit the repurcussions of Bersih 2.0, Najib has offered to allow the rally to be held in a Stadium instead.

And make Walk for Democracy a farce and walk in circles?

Najib has gotten this all wrong from the very start in his mishandling a simple Bersih 2.0 and this really shows his out-of-touch-with-Rakyat syndrome.

Firstly, did he ignore the King’s advice to hold talks with Bersih 2.0? Yes absolutely. In the same fashion of brushing aside Hindraf and Bersih, he side stepped the King’s advice blatantly. Reinforcing that there’s nothing wrong with the electoral system, Najib has clearly done 4 things in one action:

  1. ignored the King
  2. forgot that Bersih was declared “illegal” and making an offer to an “illegal” entity
  3. treat the Rakyat as dumb fools who must listen to him however illogical
  4. forgot all the oppressive actions on the innocent Rakyat thus far with arrests for wearing yellow t-shirts and using silly “communist revival” charges link to their t-shirts

Najib hopes to quell any Rakyat expression of disgust, anger and disappointment that was inevitably stroked by all the oppressive actions by containing it in a stadium when it started as a noble and simple rally. Essentially, go shut up and scream to yourself, nobody cares!

Why didn’t he hold his Million Youth Rally in the stadium instead of the Putrajaya streets?

Why don’t we do the KL Marathon in the stadium? And our Merdeka Parade too for that matter? Make all street events into a stadium event.

That warped logic just doesn’t hold. Umno can throw their Mat Rempits at the PKR HQ and at Lim GE at his office. Why not go to the stadium?

The next time anyone wants to march to the US Embassy, they should first be banned and made illegal, then told to march inside the stadium.

And remind the supporters of the Palestinians to do their floatilla in the stadium and not try to get through the sea barricade.

Did they think Bersih 2.0 is a concert?

What started as a simple, innocent, noble walk has turned into a nightmare for Najib. His fears that it can turn around and cause severe damage to Umno and BN is unmistakeable. His using the Emergency Ordinance, ISA, bans on Bersih and its apparels, the color yellow, drumming up silly “communist revival” charges, and stroking fear amongst the Rakyat shows serious desperation on his part.

And now ignoring the King will make things worse. It is obvious the statements made about no need for electoral reforms appear to contradict the King’s advice to sit down and resolve the impasse with Bersih 2.0 committee.

Najib now appears to offer a deal to an “illegal” entity where the King and the rest of Malaysians do not think that Bersih is illegal. If the King thought so, he would not have made the rarest of involvement to make a public advice to Najib and Bersih. In fact, because he can feel the frustration and anguish of the Rakyat that the King wants to diffuse the situation stroked by Najib and his administration that has become mad and oppressive against the Rakyat.

What is needed now is for Najib to rollback all that he has done to the Rakyat and talk with Bersih to buy time and lower any emotions. He has to take his step back as a true statesman and work for the best for the country and honor the King.

For now, he will be remembered as a Rakyat oppressor and Umno will blame him for any loss arising from his mismanagement of Bersih that can lead to further surprises in the GE13.

It is time for sanity and wisdom for the good of the Rakyat and the country to prevail and not just Umno sense of justice and good.


2 Responses to “Bersih 2.0: Keep it inside the Stadium? You must be Joking”

  1. The only person he is not ignoring is his wife, who tells him to spend Rakyat’s money for the daughter’s wedding……”Sayang, buat ape guna duit kitorang, guna aje duit company, you kan boss”

    But seriously, let him ignore, let him lie, let him burry his head in the sand, but the people will never put up with a leader and his cronies who cries wolf as often as they eat rice. GE13 will be our turning point!!


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