Bersih 2.0 – The Stadium Backfires

I wrote a posting entitled Bersih 2.0: Keep it in the Stadium? You must be Joking where I rejected the idea. However, now that the dust has settled after Ambiga met with the King, Bersih 2.0 has agreed to hold the rally in the Stadium. Najib has to sort this out now and Khalid has offered Shah Alam Stadium for the rally.

I stand by what I wrote but the twist to this stadium situation is that though technically speaking it is not a street rally but in a practical way, the hundreds of thousand of people going and leaving the stadium works out like a street rally. And in a legal way too.

The police fear should subside although the Home Minister is now in a bind after declaring Bersih as “illegal” but the King and Najib have come to terms with Bersih to hold it in a stadium. All the mad arrests no longer have any basis, eventhough there wasn’t any in the first place.

Najib doesn’t want to tell Hishammuddin what to do. Hishammuddin and the police keeps doing it. What in the world is going on with the BN Government? They have gone mad?

All the drummed up so called Communist charges on the 6 PSM must be dropped and they must be released.

The rest of them arrested for wearing yellow and promoting Bersih must be freed immediately as the basis is negated by Najib and the King.

Everyone can join the rally on 9 July with no fear and should enjoy Police protection.

In fact, Umno Youth will be there in support as Khairi has said he will support if Bersih is held in a stadium. And if Perkasa and Umno Youth so protest again, they should be made illegal and all arrested to be consistent.

So this twist is a very interesting one and all to gain for the Rakyat and all to lose for Najib, Hishammuddin and the Police. They have been totally embarassed, called mad and oppressive and lost the Rakyat’s little trust totally. And this can be translated at GE13.

9 July is not here yet and what we say now may not happen the way we see it. Truly, Malaysians are living in interesting times.

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