Najib Totally Misses The Point

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said street demonstrations are not the answer to grouses against the government as they may well spiral out of control, possibly causing casualties and damage to property.

“If some quarters are still unhappy with the government, let’s square it out when the election comes and let the people decide. (Read here)

Street Rally Caused by Police
First, Bersih 2.0 had already agreed to heed the King’s advice to take the rally to the stadium. Najib reneged on the offer relegating the rejection of use to the Police and his Cabinet. Bersih wanted to use Stadium Merdeka. Najib and the Police kept playing tag to deter the rally completely.

Regardless that Stadium Merdeka was not given for Bersih’s use, they kept to their word not to hold a street rally and planned to just gather at the carpark if the Stadium was still not available at 2pm.

By sheer insane action determined to inconvenience everybody and deter the crowd from joining the 9 July rally, the Police locked down the entire city near to the Stadium. By freezing bus permits to enter KL and hoping to “cut off” the leaders from attending through a court order, the 1500 police and FRU personnel were briefed to arrest anyone as they saw fit.

How did Najib thought that people were going to the Stadium if not by foot? With baricades at the roads leading to the Stadium and road blocks all around the city, Malaysians took to the streets just to walk to the Stadium. There was just no other way.

And Najib blames Bersih for a street demonstration? This entire episode is caused by Najib himself by continually fueling anger and hatred of Malaysians against him, the Police and the Government.

Najib Approves of Street Demos
Immediately after the Saturday 9 July Walk for Democracy, Najib made a war cry declaring that he too can bring a million Umno members to the street if he wanted. He also said that he sent Umno Youth to protest on the same day and was so proud of it. That tantamount to admission that illegal rallies are OK with the Patriot also declared illegal by Hishammuddin too. So is the PM speaking from both sides of his mouth? That street demos done by Umno is Ok but those by others are not!

Umno has been doing street demos for the longest time. Demo at the US embassy, demo at Komtar, demo at Jalan Bukit Bintang. Seems that it is Umno’s right to demo but nobody else.

Square Out at A Clean and Fair Election
Malaysians at the Bersih 9 July Walk for Democracy want to speak up and speak out to the government to reform the elections to make it clean and fair.

Bersih 2.0 show truly mature Malaysians who are not into the so-called Arab Spring Uprising but to declare 8 points for electoral reform.

Malaysians want to use the election to vote their hearts but they can only truly do so if election is clean and fair which today is not.

The Government and the Election Commission say that it is and the 8 points cannot be implemented. In fact, they can be reformed but the Government will not as it is the recipe to stay in power. It will take a miracle for the Government to lose power with the current electoral setup.

Malaysians do not believe for a moment that the Election Commission will ever entertain the Bersih 8 points. Malaysians do not believe Najib will ever come to terms to ever listen to the people as he will not want to concede political loss by making a level playing field.

Najib is only all Talk
As Malaysians have seen of our dear PM, he has only been good in his talk. His “you help me, I help you” and all the public promotions about his GTP and back stepping his offers only make people hate him more.

Transformation success is only spoken by him. Economic growth is mere talk. Inflation is what Malaysians know. All others are Najib propaganda about low inflation and that life is good in Malaysia.

Life is very tough now in Malaysia contrary to Najib’s rhetorics. Malaysians of all walks of life know this for real. The people who came to walk on 9 July knows how good our Government treats them. Those who read about their experiences and watched the horror of Police oppression feel for them.

Malaysians support Bersih not for political reasons but for a clean and fair election that will make their votes count. That is all but the insane actions have brought much anguish to the hearts of all Malaysians. And they can vote.

If Najib does not make it right soon, GE13 will be a nightmare of an election for Umno and BN.


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