Unbelievable Reaction by Najib on Bersih

In the run up to 9 July, the Najib Administration took the position to kill off Bersih 2.0 Walk for Democracy at all cost. He has used the Home Minister and the IGP to execute some bizarre pre-rally actions by declaring Bersih as illegal, arresting people for wearing yellow and the insane charge of reviving communism in Malaysia under the Emergency Ordinance.

Malaysians cannot understand why this was happening and the oppressive preemptive strike by Najib (through Hishammuddin) to kill any intent to stop the masses from showing up only brought more anger to want to do it. Najib inevitably encouraged the people to be ever more determined to go regardless of such insane actions.

As if the bizarre oppressive actions were not enough, the Police started to lock down KL city from the Wednesday making it worse for everybody until Saturday. By everybody, this affected the people going to work, the businesses and all commuters into KL. The Government froze all permits for buses across Malaysia going in to KL.

This action showed that Najib was trying to create the impression that there would be a threat to take over KL by some powers to be. The Government brought out 1500 police and FRU personnel to keep KL in a siege condition. They even used barbed wire to block all roads to the Stadium Merdeka. They appeared to believe that Bersih is not what it appeared to be but a Malaysian version of the Arab Spring Uprising. Even after many declarations that Bersih was a peaceful rally for electoral reforms and after having met the King on the same.

All these insane sledgehammer actions and Najib’s reneging on allowing Bersih the use of Merdeka Stadium by upholding the illegality of Bersih and also instructing the stadium management not to allow Bersih to use it both fired up all Malaysians to be very incensed with the Government.

And as if this was not enough, the Police indiscriminately harassed, arrested, beat up and fired tear gas and chemical laced water at the people really pushed them over. The people had first hand experience of Police brutality using their tax dollars that paid for the Police salary, the tear gas as well as the water canons.

There was really no need to kick and beat those whom the police arrested. There was no need to shoot tear gas directly at the people nor do it at both ends of the group. Most of the police appeared to indiscriminately arrest and tie up the people who numbered over 1500 and many police still kicked and beat them. Regardless of how the Government wants to deny and downplay the brutality, the people is now forever convinced that the government not only oppress them but blatantly lies to the people as if only their version is truth and all other versions, no matter if personally experienced or captured with photos videos evidence by those who were there including foreign media, are rubbish.

And not only Najib did not manage to achieve his objective to stop the people even after using the King to advice Bersih to take thie rally into a stadium, Najib managed to successfully do just the opposite to affirm the hatred and anger of the people towards him and Umno. Najib and friends lied about the police brutality, denied the large numbers of dissent especially when KL was already locked down, denied shooting tear gas and water into Tung Shin Hospital, denied the rights of Malaysians.

At a post-Bersih gathering, Najib retorted in a war-like defense that he too can bring 1,000,000 members to the streets, a very unbecoming statement from a PM.

Nobody believed him especially if these people are to be treated to the same police welcome given to the Bersih folks.

Will Umno members attend if there was no food and no money? If Umno was declared illegal and the police arrested them for wearing the Umno t-shirts? If the vicinity around their meeting place was blockaded with barbed wire? If the entire KL was locked down and no bus services operated into KL? If the Umno members were indiscriminately arrested, kicked and oppressed? If they were to be shot will loads of chemical laced water? If tear gas was shot directly at them? If the Umno leaders are banned with a court order from going into KL and blocked from going to the meeting?

Alas, most people will snigger a laugh if Umno members would even dared come out and most of them will follow after the footsteps of Perkasa leader Ibrahim Ali, to stay home.

The goodness that came out of Bersih was the eye-opener that Malaysians are truly united regardless of race and religion.

They stood together and suffered police oppression together.

They came out in big numbers even under siege.

They protected each other.

They suffered together.

This is the true Malaysian spirit.

And for what?

Discontentment against the Government over electoral reforms to make it clean and fair. Najib shouted they are not afraid but nothing has been done to address Bersih’s demands because all observers believe that BN cannot win in a clean and fair election. Another empty rhetoric from the PM. The argument that the opposition won 5 states showed that election is clean and fair holds no truth. Analysts believed that if election is truly clean and fair, Najib would not be the PM anymore.

It is highly unlikely that there will be any electoral reforms at all because the government does not want to do it. Why change something that has helped keep BN in power all this while?

If the oppression of the people and lies continue by Najib and BN leaders, we can be certain that GE13 will be the hardest election that Umno and BN will ever face. And this hatred of oppressive and corrupt government will continue to grow and grow. Malaysians will show that at the ballot box for sure!

The UN and US as well as foreign media are not blind to what happened on 9 July. The world is watching us. The mature Malaysians who are peaceful people showed that they only wanted to peacefully make a statement to have electoral reforms. Only the people honored their words. Not the Government.

Najib, beware of the inevitable end unless you make things right in the immediate future! Clean things up and make things right!

Malaysians have spoken!

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