Najib: You can deliver, We will Deliver!

July 30 – Datuk Seri Najib Razak pledged to do all he can to bring the Indian community back into the “mainstream of development” but asked that MIC redouble efforts to secure the community’s vote.

The prime minister said there must be “quid pro quo” between Barisan Nasional (BN) component party MIC and the ruling coalition if both wished to benefit from their relationship as “loyal friends”.

“There must be an understanding. Can you all deliver for Barisan Nasional? You can deliver and we will deliver,” Najib told delegates at the 65th MIC general assembly here today.

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Some Background
The 2010 census showed there are 1.9 million Indians or 7.3 per cent of the 28 million population, far less than the 2.3 million foreigners in the country.

Indians are one of the main ethnic groups in Malaysia who has contributed significantly to the early developments of the country since pre-Independence times. They are hardworking and have been somewhat sidelined by the BN Government since the first General Elections.

However, many Indians have progressed by themselves with little or no government help to become excellent professionals. There are a pronounced number of good doctors and lawyers who are of the Indian ethnic group.

The MIC was one of the parties who worked on the Independence of Malaya with Tunku Abdul Rahman alongside Umno and MCA.

And after 54 years of independence, our Malaysian PM is still bargaining with MIC on community development of the Indians.

How sad has things become in this country?

Isn’t the development of every community the entrusted responsibility of the government of the day? Regardless of how they may have voted, still a sizeable number voted the BN.

So if after 54 years of pathetic Indian community development, Najib claims that this can all change for the better with a “quid pro quo” with MIC bringing back the Indian votes to BN?

Anyone who believes this can be done when after 54 years of BN rule couldn’t will believe in santa claus bringing gifts down the chimney (even when don’t have chimnies in Malaysia).

This is all fine political rhetoric to garner support for votes with little thought into how to execute the promise of development. If the BN Government has seen the importance of non-partisan development, the Indian community would not have walked the streets in 2007 with the rise of Hindraf demanding for better treatment to their plight.

Wishy Washy
Najib said he will do all he can to bring the Indian community back into the “mainstream of development” implies a few things:

A. that sometime in the past, the BN Government had sidelined the Indian community

B. that Najib will only try all he can and that gives no guarantee even after the votes come in to the BN.

Essentially, the offer really means MIC do your part and we’ll see if I, Najib, can do anything in return. Najib is the PM. He is the very man in power. Of course he can do anything for the Indian community if he so wanted. But making statements like “I will do all I can” implies there are others who can block his efforts. Then he is really not the PM, is he?

Instead, Najib should have said “I will give development to the Indian community” without a shadow of hesitance or doubt, but alas, he said weak words that can otherwise mislead.

Political Rhetorics even for Development
Why must everything done by the PM be a political play? Najib has not stopped playing politics since he became PM. The sense of insecurity must be there because he inherited the office from Badawi.

Why can’t things be done genuinely for the betterment of the country, for all Malaysians? Najib keeps playing each community and blatantly allows people like Ibrahim Ali and Utusan Malaysia to stir racial strife without repercussion.

Why can Najib be the PM of all Malaysians? After all, he said to have come up with the 1Malaysia slogan. But his deputy keeps contradicting him declaring he is first Malay then Malaysian.

Why must development come with a “vote for me” condition? When Najib develops the country for all Malaysians, they will vote for him, but not the other way round.

Malaysians will support any government who focuses on the good of all communities. Najib must do what he says and say what he must do for all Malaysians!


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