MCA Questions DAP but Never Umno

MCA has started a barrage of questions to undermine the Pakatan-led state of Penang, particularly directed at CM Lim Guan Eng from the DAP.

GEORGE TOWN, Aug 1 — MCA continued today to fire anti-Chinese accusations at DAP, this time asking if the Penang government’s decision to award only 0.2 per cent of state projects to Chinese contractors meant they viewed the community as “incompetent”.

“I want to ask (Chief Minister) Lim Guan Eng why, despite the many Chinese in Penang, only a mere 0.2 per cent of the total number of projects were awarded to non-Bumiputera contractors?

“Does the chief minister mean to say that Penang Chinese ‘tak boleh’? How can the Penang Chinese swallow this — that they are incompetent?” Penang Wanita MCA chairman Tan Cheng Liang charged in a strongly-worded statement today.

(Read here)

It is good for the MCA to play a good opposition party role to foster check and balance in Penang. But this has nothing of that sort. MCA only wants to make noise but perhaps that’s the only thing they can do today.

Have we ever heard the MCA voice such things in the BN Government they are a part of? Have they ever question PM Najib on the award of projects only to one community?

No, they dare not lest they be kicked out of the BN.

Whenever any of the BN component parties shout out their disgruntled dissent on the Pakatan-led states, it will do them well to first ask the same from the Umno-dominant BN administration.

Good check and balance is necessary to ensure proper governance but if the present Federal Government is not practicing then the country is in disaster mode already.

Let the MCA do their part to ensure good governance in the Federal Government, to question all questionable actions, to bring the country back on our feet.

Can the MCA do that? Or are they already a basket case?

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