History Unbelievable – What is Malaysia Becoming?

It all started a week before Merdeka Day. Mat Sabu made a speech and happened to mention that Mat Indera, who apparently led an attack on the Bukit Kepong police station, was to be considered an independence fighter. That happened in 1950 before Merdeka.

Utusan Malaysia started a barrage of attacks on Mat Sabu accusing him of being sympathetic to the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). This put PAS on the defense and they retorted with a clear stand that since the event was pre-independence time that anyone fighting the British for the country’s independence can be called an independence fighter.

Then all logic went out the window. Zainal Kling of UPSI made the controversial comment that it was untrue that Malaya had been colonized by the British, who only gave us their “protection”. He also claimed that only Singapore, Malacca and Penang were British colonies.

Then Higher Education Minister Khaled Nordin said the history syllabus for schools will be revised following “new findings” on the nation’s past. This was implying that our history needs to be rewritten to declare Malaya as a British protectorate rather than a British colony.

Today Tun M and a few days ago DPM Muhyiddin came out in support of such warped view. They had accused others of rewriting history when in reality they came out with the distortion.

Can all these VIPs and politicians publicly deny history and accuse us of misunderstanding history?

Here are some pertinent questions these public figures must answer.

1.  Why did we negotiate for independence from the British if we were not a British colony?

2.  Why were we part of HM Commonwealth?

3.  Why did we have British Commissioners, Governors and other British government officers of the crown?

4.  Who did Tunku, Onn Jaffar and other Umno founders work for if not the government of the day which was Britain?

5.  Who granted us independence in 1957 if not Britain?

6.  Did the MCP not fight for the freedom of Malaya with the British during the Japanese occupation?

7.  Did the MCP not march in the 1946 victory parade in London? The

8.  Did Umno not support the establishment of political and economic ties with communist China who supported the MCP? Even DPM Muhyiddin hosted a top official from China recently, the very country who financed and encouraged the MCP.

9.  Did we not have a “look east” policy towards Japan for economic progress, the same country that forcefully occupied our country and is responsible for the brutal deaths of hundreds of thousand of our countrymen but instead view the MCP with more disdain?

10.  Did our government not sign a peace treaty with the MCP? Then why is Umno and Utusan Malaysia so agitated about Mat Sabu’s comments?

When the country concocts imaginative changes to our history and our government is distracted from real economic challenges they were entrusted to build for us and our children, we are truly in trouble.

In a world of economic and financial turmoil, our government is bent on rewriting our history to reflect that it was all Umno who brought us independence. From what?


2 Comments to “History Unbelievable – What is Malaysia Becoming?”

  1. Describing history in absolutes is hard enough but reconstructing it to fuel vanity is embarrassing. But as the perennial hornet’s nest that is the hudud issue is being stirred up again in the public domain, the short term memory of the public will kick in and we will soon forget this sad episode, don’t you think?

    So much about us and history.

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