Hudud – For Muslims Only! Unless…

The curent uproar on the hudud issue must not distract the politics in Malaysia.

MCA wants to pull out of BN if Umno wants to implement hudud.

DAP wants to pull out of Pakatan Rakyat if PAS insist on implementing hudud as the Islamic state is not part of their present agenda.

The Christian community has come out saying that as long as it affects only the Muslim community with a guarantee that non-muslims constitutional rights are protected that hudud law implementation is not really a problem.

Seen another way, if the Muslim community wants to implement hudud as part of their religious practice that it is their constitutional right. Just make sure others are not affected in any which way, even unforeseen situations.

We have had very poor implementation of some syariah laws in the many contentious claiming of bodies from the morgue by the various Islamic organizations on individuals whom no family members knew they had secretly embraced Islam. This has yet to be properly resolved.

Consequently, any pursuit of any Islamic legal implementation will bring a lot of worries and suspicions on one-sided interpretation forcing non-muslims to stand in the syariah courts instead of our civil courts.

Hudud is not an issue as long as it is not imposed on non-muslims. Since Malaysia has already implemented some form of syariah law pertaining to the family and religious areas for Muslims, hudud appears a natural progression to expand to criminal law.

The concerns that Malaysia will have two sets of criminal laws will make a rojak out of our legal system. What happens when the two conflicts? Can a person choose which law he or she is prosecuted under? Would this present a loophole in our legal system?

As such, the present uproar on hudud is a storm in a tea cup. No one party today can implement it as it has both state and federal constitutional implications.

Non-muslims are not afraid of it as it must only be applied to Muslims.

But chaos will erupt if hudud is forced on Malaysians at large. At that time, it will be more than a rhetorical matter. It will be a a national crisis.

For now, it is a political rhetoric to stir up attention and to take lead in forefront issues instead of letting Umno and Utusan create emotional chaos based on allegations without basis.

However, isn’t it better to focus on how to make the country better together instead of politicizing everything, even to the extent of making things up to create an issue?

Malaysia is in the 21st century. Treat Malaysians maturely and fairly. We must grow economically.

Please don’t play with our future!


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