Enough About Hudud, On with the Economy!

The Hudud Issue has taken forefront over the other national issues particularly the electoral reforms as well as economic recovery actions.

It has become a political tool rather than a legal and religious matter. First, it was an attack on historical accuracy about our past if we were colonized or not. Then the independence fighter issue that revolved around the communists that Mat Sabu caused a stir.

It’s become an Umno vs Pas in multi-chapter episodes that the country has forgotten how serious the economic challenges are to Malaysia. The Greece potential financial repayment defaults will have a massive downside for us but we seem to be more concerned about raising hudud issues.

The Christian community has voiced out that there are no concerns as long as there is iron clad guarantee that non-Muslims are not affected.

The MCA and DAP have reacted violently against it. MCA and apparently DAP too have been reported to pull out of their respective political groups if hudud was implemented.

Umno has differing views with DPM Muhyiddin saying Umno supports but is inappropriate timing to implement but PM Najib saying Umno will not implement Hudud Laws.

So, after the Pakatan Rakyat meeting agreeing on common electoral grounds without hudud but that Pas has the right to pursue it in Kelantan and Terengganu on their own accord had many thought the matter would have just rested there.

The Bar Council came out to shutdown the debate stating that it is unconstitutional to implement hudud in the country as state laws cannot supercede federal laws.

Then another legal eagle today challenged that view saying that it is possible for hudud to be implemented in Kelantan without amending the Federal Constitution (read here).

Today, Hadi Awang finally broke his silence to reiterate that non-Muslims are not going to be forced on the hudud laws (read here).

What does this mean? All we have are rhetorics that merely voice opinions. However, such stands are important going into GE13 soon.

Can any party implement any laws that go against the Federal Constitution? Can Islamic Laws be enforced on non-Mulslims? How can Muslims and non-Muslims be judged under two sets of laws if there be a conflict? There is really zero clarity except assurances by Tok Guru and Hadi Awang that non-Muslims won’t be enforced the hudud laws.

For now, we all know the hudud law issue will remain brewing by Pas. We all know that Pas can’t implement hudud as they so want to for the time being but given the chance, we can be sure they will, especially in Kelantan, to showcase a version of their Islamic State concept.

Regardless of all the noises, our politicians have forgotten that 28 million Malaysians want a progressive, competitive and sustainable future.

Who is paying attention to this? Hudud will not make Malaysia prosper economically speaking. It’s not moving the country forward.

We need leaders who are bold to face the future, implementing changes without fear or favor for the good of Malaysians at large.

How I wish all these parties debate over how best to take the country forward instead.

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