MACC Binocular Bullshit

The MACC rushed to investigate the Auditor General report that there was the anomaly of procuring two pairs of binoculars for RM100,000 when a check showed that they could have been bought for a mere RM5,000.

The verdict was that some officers didn’t follow procedure and they would be handled accordingly as an internal matter and the case is now closed.

Try to do that in any private company and the Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) will be slapped on you. The auditor report is crucial to ensure that monies entrusted to officials are properly used for the intended purpose with no impropriety but in Malaysia, even the highest office of anti-corruption can sweep this obvious corruption under the carpet.

Can just anyone spend thousands and even millions of ringgit without the CFO and the CEO knowing? The binoculars are not a standalone purchase but part of a larger tender. For the AG to pick this up means that it is a clear violation and not a simple misdemeanor that the MACC would have us think.

How can we believe the MACC will do the job of high calling in a righteous and fair manner when they can’t be seen to operate their organization without the odor of corruption inside?

Are Malaysians that stupid? Of course not! This is no joke either.

We expect the MACC to conduct themselves with a higher standard than measured against others. This case shows a total disaster in the leadership and management for a top anti-corruption team of Malaysia. This is a sad day for Malaysia.

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