LGE visits Scopene Submarine off Langkawi


Lim Guan Eng (LGE) took a ride with his deputies in one of our two Scorpene submarines off the coast of Langkawi (read here).

The depth of post-quake Straits of Melaka is around 30m which is probably why the sub stayed at that level to impress LGE.

Unconfirmed reports say that there are US warships re-mapping the Straits. They don’t need a billion dollar sub to do the job.

We must peal our ears now to hear of our subs attacking pirates by surprise to defend vessels passing the Straits or will we be surprised by our subs sinking because they hit an unmarked sunken ship that was moved by the 2004 tsunami.

Now that the submarines seem to be working do not release the controversies surrounding the procurement of these “defense vessels” now doing charting.

The suit brought by Suaram in Paris will surface the truth whether anything illegal had taken place in the course of this transaction as well as possible related information around the people involved in this transaction.

So far, no one has come out to admit fault in an embarrassing episode where one of the subs came as a ship because it could not submerge. This visit by LGE was to show him that it now does do what it was supposed to in the first place.

Our defense purchases are now full of controversies in the merchntability of the goods to how much premium we have to pay for them! Multiple times, not 10% or 20%.

Let’s hope our boys are not going to discover any wreck first hand but really use it to defend our territory from pirates!

And no firing torpedoes please. They haven’t been delivered yet probably. 😉


One Comment to “LGE visits Scopene Submarine off Langkawi”

  1. What submarine defect?
    Most probably it could be end-user problem.

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