Dissecting RPK: He was just being honest

I didn’t read the spins that the Main Stream Media made. Just watch this video on the interview here.

The conclusion one can draw is that RPK was just being himself speaking what he believes is the truth albeit sometimes hard to take. Yes, they are his opinions and yes as opinions go, the interview doesn’t carry many facts to back them up except in some cases. I am not defending RPK but he is just trying to call a spade a spade.

There was nothing on MCLM so I can’t comment on the reasons why the movement’s president resigned. But what we can tell is as follows. You be the judge when you watch the interview.

Relevance of Anwar

This is politics. As long as it is expedient, Anwar will always be held in the highest esteem by the party, PKR, as well as by the Pakatan partners of DAP and PAS. RPK is right to say that the people is not in love with Anwar to vote for Pakatan. They see that Pakatan under Anwar is the only real alternative to Najib and BN.

If Pakatan does not form the next Government under Anwar, it is highly debatable if Anwar will still be relevant. Maybe yes, maybe no. RPK feels not. So what? This is a moot point.

Now, if Anwar is incarcerated, you can be sure Pakatan has a backup plan. Will Anwar feature in it, only if Pakatan wins the general election and finds a release for Anwar later.

Campaign to Free Anwar

RPK uses the example of Nelson Mandela when he was in prison that the campaigns were to stop apartheid and not to free Mandela. That is not quite true because there were many attempts to lobby for his release but they didn’t work. So RPK feels that Pakatan shouldn’t rally around a personality but a cause.

He has a right to his opinion. Principally speaking, he is right. Practically speaking, will it bring out the fervor for Pakatan? Back in the late 90s, RPK rallied for Anwar and he paid a heavy price. Perhaps he feels that this time round there  shouldn’t be another campaign to free Anwar. His opinion is duly noted. The Pakatan leadership must weigh the expediency for such a rally against the downside. It’s their call. It’s their skin now. Not RPK’s.

Numbers to win the next election

If you had followed his writings, this is not new. He speaks with passion about how and what it takes for BN to lose the election and for Pakatan to win it safely. He does spew numbers and his numbers form the basis of his argument. I believe it is sound.

He has always contended that although Pakatan will win in the Peninsular with a slim majority, both BN and Pakatan will need Sabah and Sarawak seats to form the next Government. The math is simple enough to follow and RPK has repeated this often times enough.

Selangor has not changed

RPK gave the example that nothing material has changed in Selangor since Pakatan took over from BN. He cites an example that business men still have to pay under table money to do things. The Selangor Government has requested for evidence to that end to investigate. That is fair. This is a serious allegation and since Pakatan is open to investigate to eradicate, the ball is on RPK’s court to furnish evidence. Otherwise, even if it is true, it remains a hearsay that RPK had privy to and it so happens to leak from his mouth. Or perhaps it is time for Pakatan to pay a visit to RPK to find out much more information so that they can be fixed before the next general election.

By and large, the people in Selangor feels that Pakatan has done a good job, more than reasonable that can be done. Yes, there are still lots of BN cronies that sabotage the good work everyday but it takes time to weed them out. At least Pakatan listens. And that RPK will never know because he is not living in Selangor as a normal citizen.

Selangor’s problem is Khalid

RPK alleged that Anwar said that Khalid is the problem in Selangor and he won’t listen to advice. This revelation is astounding and the local media can latch on to spin for weeks. Again, this is another piece of privy hearsay that can’t be substantiated.

For the people who lives in Selangor, they feel that Khalid has done heaps and has demonstrated that he is an MB for the people. At least he tries hard. But one thing is for sure. Khalid is no savvy politician. He runs Selangor like a CEO and cleans the books for savings like a company rescue mission. Therein lies his fault. He is not watching his back. He is not a politician. And the problem is all of PKR and DAP and PAS. They are ruling Selangor together.

Anwar traveling too much

Who cares? He needs to travel so he needs to go. Why question his wisdom on this matter? Unless he has misused funds or authority like other ex-leaders, this complaint is another moot point. It is of no particular relevance. As we don’t question RPK’s wisdom in living in London or holidaying in Phuket or Singapore, Anwar’s travel is not interesting nor important to us. Maybe he is securing international support for the next campaign? There is always a higher good in such things and it really waste our energy to chase this rabbit when it is not for us to know.

Najib has clearly travelled too much and on public funds too instead of managing the country. RPK should put his finger there too. Again, his opinion and he is free to express them.

About Sodomy II and the video

There is nothing in the interview clip about this topic. Suffice to say that this was an interview to ask RPK’s view on many hot topics. What was said remains his opinions of the matter and shouldn’t affect the people’s desire to vote for change.

Furthermore, his opinion is not new. BN MPs have thrown the same at Anwar and that didn’t stick. RPK voiced out what he heard from others, so called Anwar’s friends, and we can’t verify the truth if they actually said it. So, this again is another straw man hearsay opinion. It is also irrelevant as truth is not dependent on how many people believe it to be true. It is not the right of the majority nor was this an opinion poll. The court will determine the matter, rightly or wrongly, and we can only work within the justice system today. If we don’t like it, too bad. Nothing RPK says about this issue will ever matter in the judgment come 9 January.

In fighting within Pakatan

So what is new? It happens even more in BN and especially Umno but never quite get reported. So it gives the public a bad impression about the leaders in Pakatan. Agree to disagree is a good thing. This is a clear practice of democracy within Pakatan where dissent can be voiced. They just need to know where to draw the line. Pakatan is still in its infancy and the leadership must manage the noise and potential emotional damage. Umno knows how to do this very well until the age of the Internet when even they can’t stop everything from going public. What more Pakatan?


So what is wrong with his opinions? After all, they are his opinions and he, like everybody else, has a right to express them. In this case, the MSM loved it and got a scoop. Perhaps the Pakatan news reporters never asked to interview him.

Perhaps we just have to listen better before condemning the man. He is but a man and he too has his shortcomings, just like Anwar and Najib.

I believe there is little to worry about RPK’s statements but rather worry about the spins made by BN media. RPK is being himself and he believes he is doing the right thing. And that is his right!

So what are your opinions on all these issues?

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4 Comments to “Dissecting RPK: He was just being honest”

  1. Yes, a man has a right to express his opinion if only he’s hoping to make a change, a difference…

    But RPK the blogger who became the fugitive for his words he made must account for and be responsible for the opinions especially should they may be damaging to the cause that he had made many to follow and believe in. It is a matter of the ethics or principles of ownership, just as a person in public position should resign to show his accountability and taking responsibility for a failing or a neglecting, so shall RPK shall feel duty bound in expressing his opinions for the wider implications he may be causing. If RPK is not the sleazy politician.

    No, one cannot get him off the hook on the points you raised.

    • Hi Red Alfa

      I wasn’t writing to exonerate RPK and who am I to judge him?

      The public already judged him without calling for his defense. I shall not add more salt to the wound.

      I was attempting to unemotionally dissect his interview piece by piece but I can’t find any malice within. Certainly, the man has strong opinions about Anwar, made his impressions from so-called “close friends of Anwar” (but they can’t confirm or deny them), and said many things that can be interpreted either way you want. He has opinions which I too can’t agree with but he is entitled to them.

      In the end, I suppose people supporting Pakatan and Anwar will only want to hear the nice things and RPK is not one who mince his words. That’s the result of the interview as he spoke from his mind what he strongly feels, rightly or wrongly, with or without basis.

      I also agree that RPK, perhaps, should be more careful to say the “right” things because of the sensitive timing and because his opinions are read and valued by many Malaysians. That accountability and responsibility that we expect of him may not be warranted as he has always been the maverick of a blogger, activist and campaigner for his cause!

      And I believe that this is not his last either. 🙂

  2. Dear proud2bmalaysian,

    You have explored the dimensions of the issue at hand very well. I appreciate the sincerity in your tone and hope that you will blog more because you write very well!

    Would you mind if I added you to my blog roll? Do let me know.

    Take care and thanks again for the connection and the sharing of your thoughts.

    Best wishes

    • Dear Masterwordsmith

      Thanks for your compliments. I am honored if you add me. By the way, I added you already.

      Your new theme for your blog is really nice. Enjoyed your writings too.

      Looking forward to more of your thoughts as more debacles are appearing in our horizon soon.

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