Ibrahim, NFC and All Gone Wrong!

The Malaysian Insider reported yesterday that NFCorp Chairman Mohd Salleh Ismail met with Perkasa and 15 other NGOs to brief them on the NFC situation (read here). Immediately after that, Ibrahim Ali gave a statement that “the office of the Auditor-General had already agreed in private that the company’s affairs were in order“. He further made startling remarks that stabbed the AG in his back insinuating that the AG made a mistake in his 2010 Report regarding the “mess” in NFCorp and that he should “release an official statement.”

“It’s not in a mess. Everything is in order. But the Auditor-General has not made a formal announcement,” Ibrahim told reporters at Hotel Putra here following the meeting.

“I urge the Auditor-General to please be fair to everybody. He must release an official statement.”

The Pasir Mas MP also said the Auditor-General’s office may have made small mistakes when preparing the national audit report as not all staff are trained equally well.

“When they did the report, there were some elements that were accurate and some not so accurate because of weaknesses of the officers,” he said.

These are extremely dangerous remarks implying that the office of the AG and the AG himself are suspects of making serious errors in their work and report. This will also cast doubt as to which other parts of the AG Reports through the years are mere tall tales.

The AG and his office have upheld the standards of audit and reported those items that can’t be ignored and the NFCorp state of affairs being one of them. One thing for sure, Ibrahim Ali has no expertise to audit and assess what happened in NFCorp and it will be very unlikely that Mohd Salleh Ismail ever showed the full set of books to him and the other 15 NGOs. What probably took place was a story telling time by the NFCorp Chairman to these people with no locus standi.

Error #1 – NFCorp meeting with Perkasa and 15 NGOs to brief them. NFCorp should not brief them while the investigation is on-going. And if they have to break the news, wouldn’t it be wiser to brief the public, the Malaysians who paid the taxes for the RM250m loan to them? This is a GLC and since when do GLCs brief NGOs?

Error #2 – Ibrahim Ali accusing the AG and his office of making a “mistake” and that there were auditors who were “weak” and implied that the AG office had admitted “in private” that the NFCorp was all in order. This defames the good AG and his office. It also draws the AG into the political limelight which he has avoided. What is stated in the 2010 Report is clear and the NFCorp is to take appropriate action to rectify the weaknesses.

Error #3 – Ibrahim Ali forcing the AG to admit to what he calls a mistake in declaring the NFCorp as a mess. By suggesting that a private conversation had taken place with an admission of error, he has placed the AG in danger of tainting the high office of the AG.

If someone came out and said that Ibrahim Ali has privately said that he was a “happy guy” and urged him (in his own words) “to please be fair to everybody. He must release an official statement.” What would he do? He will have no time to poop while entertaining such demeaning jerks.

Anyone can make accusations and such are dangerous statements to make. If there is proof, then let Mohd Salleh Ismail come clean and rebut all the accusations thrown at the NFCorp by PKR. Not for Ibrahim Ali to speak on behalf of NFCorp.

Even when the Government is launching an audit on NFCorp is all wrong. This equates to auditing the AG’s work and is casting suspicions on the AG’s 201o Report.

Now with the NFCorp briefing Perkasa and 15 NGOs, the entire NFCorp episode stinks to high heaven of all kinds of foul play unless the NFCorp comes clean and rectifies all the audit exposures reported by the AG and the alleged breach of trust by the PKR. If there was oversight, then admit it. Else disprove it. Playing politics around this will allow PKR to grill the NFCorp, BN and Umno to the maximum.

If the whistleblower as alleged by Ibrahim was a disgruntled ex-staff and cast aspersions that he had allegedly skimmed a lot of money from NFCorp, it will be clear if this ever gets to court. The internal investigation never found a way to recover the so-called loss of monies and sacked him. That sounds like a tall tale newly concocted. If there was clear proof, this would have been a criminal case and the Police should have been involved in the first place. It will not be left to Ibrahim Ali to play the media.

Ibrahim Ali is desperately clamoring for relevance when he has lost it all. It shows that Perkasa has nothing better to do. They are completely ignorant of the submarines and patrol boats deals but they put their finger into NFCorp? Seems that Perkasa likes to choose what they want to champion and whatever they touch is made worse.

Watch the NFCorp debacle closely now!

Just when you thought the poop has hit the fan, well, it has not quite reached that point just yet!

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