Sheer Desperation by an Ali

Some people have the knack to get into the spotlight but Ibrahim Ali has the knack to get that for the wrong reasons. It appears that he is desperately trying to be relevant to Umno to get a place in the “winnable” candidates list known only to a precious few.

First, he tells the world that Anwar is irrelevant (read here). He thinks if he chimes in after a few others say the same things regarding Anwar being irrelevant that Anwar can be just that. Alas, for an MP, this is quite unbecoming for him to condemn another MP. Seems he’s got nothing better to say. His PR expert advice is to get into the spotlight at whatever the cost or reason. He did just that.

Image taken from Malaysiakini

Then he makes the faux pas by distributing white packets to elderly folks in Perkasa’s first CNY open house he hosted (read and watch here). How can he not know that the color “white” is typically reserved for bereavement matters in the Chinese culture and money in a white envelop is a donation for the funeral? How can Ibrahim Ali give “funeral characteristic” symbols to, of all people, the Chinese elderly? What is he trying to convey to these folks?

When there was an extremely low turnout for the Penang Himpun event, he gives the excuse that “the silent majority of Muslims supports Himpun” (read here). It’s like saying those who didn’t attend the event are really supporters. He really thinks Malaysians are dummies.

Anyway, he continues again demanding that the BN Government explains their stand on Israel in commenting on Anwar’s view that was recently reported in the WSJ (read here). The point of the matter is what is Ibrahim’s stand on the matter but he shied away from giving his position. Why? Because he didn’t know if he was in line with his master, Umno. Better get them to show their position and then comment if he supported it. By the way, what is his position on the submarines and the patrol boats worth over RM10b? Silence? What ignorance he shows. Just like his comments on NFCorp (read here). Sometimes, it is best he says nothing than to open his mouth to reveal the level of his intelligence.

Finally, he declared he supports needs-based affirmative action but demanded that the 30% quota for Malays and Bumiputera be retained (read here). He again speaks from both sides of the mouth. Like his giving of angpow but is in white envelops having a dual meaning in his action. His support for needs-based affirmative action with a retention of the 30% quota is exactly that. It’s his “let’s help everybody but we should deserve more” idiosyncracy shows his totally delusional mind devoid of rational meaning.

But I must give it to the man. He just wants to grab the spotlight regardless of what Malaysians think. And he has succeeded.

There are two types of people who can capture the media attention that can be considered worthy of publishing – the smart ones and those on the other end of the scale and nothing in between. Mediocrity does not sell news. And he made it to this blog and the newspaper.

So which one is Ibrahim Ali? 😉

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