PM Gives MACC More Power If…

PM Najib made overtures to the rakyat of Malaysia to give BN the customary 2/3 number of seats and in return to ensure that MACC has the power it should have gotten since day one (read here.)

One can expect the instant reaction by Malaysians to laugh at such political rhetorics that BN and our beloved PM cannot come up with any substantial reason for the people to keep voting them.

Giving MACC the full power to do the job is expected of the government of the day and in this case, the BN Government. If amendments to the Federal Constitution is needed, all MPs will gladly support the rightful changes because it is for the good of the country. It will be a bi-partisan vote for sure. The Opposition will not object and will support this good cause.

Obviously, the BN Government has ran out of reasons why they should be voted back into power with 2/3 seats if Federal Constitution amendments is the only reason.

How about BN making the lives of all Malaysians better regardless of race and religion and location? It is back to the basics for BN if they cannot tell what they must be doing now given the mandate of the people. Today, everyone is saying that BN stands for “barang naik” (price increase) and that is exactly how the economy is shaping up. No more subsidies, prices go up, more taxes in various forms like the impending GST, the impending 1Care, the rise of sugar, rice and meats prices, all are burdening the people greatly.

Yet our PM is saying that there is little inflation and we are doing so well as a nation. Again spending money to put a positive spin on a poor economy and the lives of people suffering now.

Why can’t BN come out with clear precise and concise reasons why Malaysians should vote BN once again? We just can’t have a you help me, I help you syndrome. We just can’t be bought with RM500. We need a sustainable strategy to survive into the future. We need a way to direct money back to the economy and the people from wasteful billion ringgit projects.

What has Najib to offer us now?

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